Mama OWL Blog: A natural childhood #CountryKids

A natural childhood #CountryKids

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Last week I took the kids for their six monthly visit to the dentist - it is always a joy taking a gaggle of kids to the dentist on my own, but you do what you've gotta do. Luckily they're all plenty old enough now to know to behave in the waiting room. Also, there's a shop next door which I was able to use as bribery.

I'm pleased to report that it was a good check-up all round, everyone's teeth are fine & dandy, though J now has a referral for the orthodontist and it is looking like L might have to as well, he will be reviewed in six months. The dentist also commented that L is the youngest patient he has ever seen (or known of) to have no baby teeth left at 9 years old, so that was something!

After we left the dentist we stopped in the shop for some drinks and then walked back towards town to meet the Mister who happened to be working nearby. I had already picked up his car keys on my way to collect the boys from school, so when the kids & I reached the car we dropped off our bags and the kids then headed back over the road to the field to play while we waited for their Dad to finish work.

The field is just a short distance from the school, dotted with trees, and has a small, more densely wooded area at one end. The kids spent the next hour racing around on the grass, climbing trees, chasing each other and building dens with broken branches and sticks while I sat & watched and enjoyed the sunshine.
There were no complaints about being bored, no tantrums about having to wait for an hour, just peace and quiet while they played outdoors together.

No computer games, no fancy toys, no distant foreign land - just a plain old field, with a few trees... the only things you need to enjoy a natural childhood.

It was really lovely & peaceful and a pleasure to watch and enjoy.

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  1. What aged did he start loosing his teeth? My daughter isn't even 6 yet and she's lost 5 of hers. The dentist said she was a year ahead of where she should be

  2. Always a pleasure being outdoors. Great way to end the day!

  3. Lovely photos :) It's amazing how a bit of fresh air and some trees can calm kids right down. No baby teeth at 9! My 12yo still has lots of baby teeth and my 9yo has only lost eight!

  4. i have not climbed a tree in years but i think i need too!

  5. lovely pictures, it is fab when they can spend more time outside!

  6. Lovely, gorgeous post(refreshing to see kids in their element:-),Thank-You for sharing!

  7. A great way to spend the afternoon, simple outdoor fun! Also glad dentist trip went well :)

  8. A warm day, open space and plenty of trees to climb - a perfect setting for children to have fun while you sit back and relax. Thanks for sharing on Country Kids.

  9. In this hectic life, it seems we always forget to stop and enjoy the simple things, like a field with trees. It looks like they had a great time! Great photos!

  10. i love this visit thank you so much for linking up with #MagicMoments x


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