Mama OWL Blog: Will the 'end of term' just END already?

Will the 'end of term' just END already?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

June & July have been a whirlwind of activity with one thing and another. The final term before the summer holidays is full of activities, sports days, race days, fetes, parent-teacher consultations, assemblies, school plays, taster days, SATs, GCSEs, residential trips (& preparation and packing for said trips), induction days and the like.

This is also while continuing with swimming lessons, football training, matches & tournaments, after-school clubs, guitar lessons, keeping my foot firmly up teen's backside for her exams and revision over the past two months, as well as everything else I have to do as normal on a daily basis and fitting in our optician appointments, dental check ups and now also the occasional vet visit with Florence.


With having five kids I am almost meeting myself coming back some days trying to keep up with it all. I've spent more time at the primary school in the past fortnight than I have at home, I think. I've barely seen the Mister because he's been working all the hours as well as attending football meetings & training for himself & J. I'm grateful I had Britmums Live in the middle of all of that to enable me to compose myself enough to keep going.

I absolutely cannot wait to be off timetable for a while. No running around, no school runs to worry about, no uniforms to wash, no mad rush of teenagers hurtling down the stairs & out of the door for the bus with seconds to spare, or stuffing lunches in bags and herding kids to the car.

I just need it to stop, just for a bit.

We've got a lovely holiday to look forward to at the end of term and I tell you - I need it! I am looking forward to getting there, sitting down and just exhaling. Just taking a minute to breathe. I know after a couple of weeks L will start to react to a lack of routine so we'll have to work in a loose 'day-to-day' thing for him, plan a few things so he knows what he's going to be doing, but still keeping it relaxed.

We have four birthdays during the holidays, A & L who will be 15 and 10, and myself and the Mister who will be... older than that... so we have those to look forward to as well. I'm hoping for good weather so we can get out and do things if the mood takes us, but likewise I am happy to sit in the garden and just enjoy my own surroundings.

I'm going to spread the back-to-school shopping out as much as I can over the Summer, (a) because we currently have four in school and it costs us an arm & a leg with supplies & school uniforms and shoes, and (b) because I really don't want to get involved with the madness at the end of August. The local school uniform shop often has a queue out of the door come the end of Summer. Insanity.

After the holidays we will be straight into A's final GCSE year, L's last year of primary school which will involve a lot of extra preparation and transition meetings & visits due to his autism, and E will be starting nursery.
I'm hoping to be able to get involved at the primary school with 'reading pals' and giving back some of what they have given me since my boys have been there, before E eventually (hopefully) starts there in 2014. I am keen to be there for L's last year too, to give extra support before 'the big move' up.

So, I'm enjoying the sunshine, and hanging in there for the next couple of weeks... But the 'end of term' really can't end soon enough! Roll on Summer!

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  1. I can totally relate to this and I only have three kiddos lol. The end of term can't come soon enough! Another couple of weeks to gooo xx


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