Mama OWL Blog: E's Pre-School Induction

E's Pre-School Induction

Thursday, 11 July 2013

This week E headed off on her very first day at pre-school for her induction day. She will start in September and attend five mornings a week, at the same nursery that all four of her siblings have gone to before her.

The ladies who run the nursery are wonderful, and the fact that both L & H are always asking to be able to go and visit them at the pre-school even now years after they left is testament to their ability & how welcoming and nurturing it is there. The ladies have a wicked sense of humour and are brilliant with the kids, it is just a really lovely environment. (And they also visit the fire station every year... I will of course be signing up as a parent helper for that trip.)

E woke up at her usual time on Wednesday morning, hair sticking up all over the place as per and I asked her "Do you want to go to school today?" (not that she actually had a choice of course, but you ask anyway) and her eyes lit up and she squealed "TODAY?! I can go to school today?! I need to get my dressed on!" (meaning, she needs to get dressed) and raced at top speed out of the room. I called to her to wait and that she needed breakfast first, to which she responded by hurtling down the stairs to the kitchen and then ransacking the cupboards for her owl bowl and the cereal.

After breakfast, a wash & tooth brushing, sun cream application, getting dressed (she even chose her own outfit) & the sorting out of the hair, she packed her bag and helped fill her water bottle ready to take with her. She was ready by 8.15, I managed to stall her for half an hour otherwise we would have been sat outside for ages if she'd had her way! At 8.45 we made our way up the hill and waited outside for nursery to open.
Some initial shyness, but no tears and I have been assured by the nursery ladies that she settled in well and was perfectly at home there. I only stayed for ten minutes or so, E couldn't wait to get rid of me!
Two of her cousins currently attend the nursery so it was especially nice that the three girls got to spend at least one morning there together, as N will be heading up to primary school in September. They're all very close, and all chose to sit & play together which I thought was very sweet.
I collected E at 11.45 and treated her to something from the shop on the way home for being so well behaved and settling in quickly, and she's all ready now to start after the holidays. My baby is growing up!

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  1. Aww bless her....Really sounds like she's going to love nursery!!

  2. Awww bless, it's such a relief when they settle in so quickly isn't it. You must be very proud of her :-)

  3. Awww!! I can't get over how fast time goes, HOW is she old enough for nursery?! lol. Bless her! Glad she settled in well... what will you do with yourself come September?! Five mornings a week to yourself. Bliss. xx

  4. Glad she seems to have settled so well. She must be ready for it now.

  5. awww i am so pleased she settled so well and loved going. x


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