Mama OWL Blog: Family Days Out - Woodlands Family Theme Park

Family Days Out - Woodlands Family Theme Park

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Last year we visited Woodlands Family Theme Park in Totnes, South Devon for the first time, and we enjoyed it so much that it was top of our list of places to go again this year during our Summer holiday.

It can be a struggle to find a place that has 'something for everyone' with such a wide age range between the children (from 15 down to 3), but Woodlands manages that for us without breaking a sweat. With indoor and outdoor rides and attractions it is somewhere that can be enjoyed whatever the weather, and there are plenty of kiosks, cafe/restaurants and picnic areas dotted around the park to make snack pit stops whenever the mood takes you... Or rather, whenever the kids bug you. The ice creams & snacks are reasonably priced and no more expensive than at any other place we visited during the week.
For our family it cost a total of £88.88 for 'Summer special' tickets, including a special needs concessionary rate for L & a reduced price for E as she is under 110cm tall. I think that that is excellent value for money considering the amount of rides and attractions that Woodlands has to offer and the fact that it is 'all weather'. There is almost nothing that E couldn't go on - including the 3 water coasters which kept all of them (the Mister included) busy for well over an hour - & so she had as full & exciting a day as the big kids.
A favourite attraction of ours at Woodlands is the zoo-farm, where there are many different types of animals to see & some of which are very friendly & roaming free. The kids loved the pygmy goats and we were begged by A to buy her one for her birthday. We of course didn't, but mostly because we couldn't have fit it in the car. They are gorgeous and all came running up to the fence to greet us.
There are large indoor soft play areas as well as plenty of outdoor park & play areas and sandpits in addition to the rides and zoo-farm, and the Trauma Tower inside the Empire Zone was a big hit with L who went on it more times than anything else. L & H also loved the Dinosaur Farm Ride, which encapsulates both of their favourite things in one handy attraction!
We decided to buy lunch at the park, while a little on the expensive side it is about what you would expect to pay at a theme park. The only complaint I really have regarding the food is that the poor chap serving was doing so entirely on his own during a busy lunch hour while I watched four other employees standing nearby either looking at something or being shown how to use something while he did so.
I witnessed two customers ask these four employees for assistance further down the counter, only to be told to join the other queue (the long one that I was standing in) or to go outside to a kiosk. I wasn't particularly impressed by that and thought that it would have been better to continue with whatever it was they were doing after the busy lunch time had passed.
Woodlands also offers two boating rides, pedal boats and bumper boats, which were great fun and really enjoyed by everyone. They're a little different to your usual attraction, and the pedal boats are located in the new fantasi forest which also includes a maze and zip wire.
My only other grumble would be the toilets at the main entrance and in the wooded area near the fantasi forest, which have seen better days and could do with a bit of updating and a good deep clean. I don't know how often they are checked or cleaned but they didn't smell particularly fresh & there was a fair amount of tissue paper on the floor.
With that said, and as public-toilet-phobic as I am, it hasn't put me off the park in general as the grounds are clean and tidy & well maintained and there are several other public toilets on site that might be perfectly clean & fresh! Those just so happened to be the two that we visited.

Overall, in our opinion it is a fun day out for all the family and well worth every penny we spent. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and will definitely visit there again in the future.

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This is not a sponsored post and our visit to Woodlands Family Theme Park was paid for in full out of my own pocket. All opinions, as always, are honest and written in my own words.


  1. Wow - I can just how much fun Woodlands is! As you say there was something for all age ranges - a great day out for all the family. It's a shame that yet again the UK's customer service is lacking though. Thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

  2. This looks absolutly amazing! what a fantastic place that it can cater for the vast age ranges too. we always struggle with having one at 2 and one at 12

    thanks for linking up and sharing on #MagicMoments

  3. wow, that looks like a fantastic place to go to and 88.00 isnt bad for a whole entire day out with the family. Shame about the guy who was serving and not getting any help :( I too like bumper boats and any rides which are water based. Great pics!

  4. Sounds like you had a great day and that it worked well with such a spread of ages.

    Hope you don't mind me sharing but I've written a blog post on how families can save money on days out like this one:

    If you have any tips or would like to share your article on our blog please let me know.


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