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BEAR Paws for thought

Sunday, 25 August 2013

BEAR Paws fruit snacksMy kids are snackers. They like to munch on things, so finding something that is healthy in addition to being tasty & therefore appealing to five kids with very different tastes can be a bit taxing.

The children have taste tested BEAR's delicious fruit Yo Yos in mango, blueberry, raspberry & strawberry and all have received a unanimous thumbs-up, so they were delighted to be given the opportunity to try out new BEAR Paws.

BEAR Paws are a 100% pure fruit snack with ZERO additives. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. They are made from baked fruit (picked in season), and contain no added sugar, preservatives or stabilisers and count as 1 of your 5 a day. The Paws have been shaped in to fun paw prints and are available in three delicious recipes, each has its own special theme and contain five different animal paw prints from around the world for the kids to track.

Safari Paws are orange & strawberry flavour, and the animals to track are Gracie the giraffe, Laurie the lion, Zac the zebra, Ella the elephant and Hector the hippo.
BEAR Paws Monty the MonkeyDino Paws track Tom the t-rex, Dom the diplodocus, Tilly the triceratops, Ted the pterodactyl and Vince the velociraptor and come in delicious strawberry & apple flavour.
If the Jungle is more your scene, you can find Monty the monkey, Timmy the tree-frog, Colin the crocodile, Tallulah the toucan and Jessie the jaguar and enjoy tasty apple & blackcurrant paws.

These snacks made the ideal addition to lunchboxes for school, and I'll be stocking up ready for the new term in just over a week's time. Even if I can't get them to eat an apple, I know that they will gobble these up in a heartbeat and that is just as good.
In fact, the image I took for this review is the only one I got because they ate them all the minute I opened the box, and the first hand in there was that of my teenage daughter! If that doesn't tell you all you need to know, then try them for yourself and see what I mean. A (15) says that they are her favourite fruit snack, and keeping her energy levels up with healthy food is going to be paramount in her final GCSE year.

For nutritional information and to find your local stockists of BEAR Paws, visit their website at For the latest news and updates you can @follow_the_bear on Twitter and check out

We received complimentary packs of BEAR Paws fruit snacks for review purposesThe views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words.

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