Mama OWL Blog: CandyShell case for iPhone 4

CandyShell case for iPhone 4

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Our goody bags from BritMums Live 2013 contained some fab items, one of which was an iPhone 5 case from Speck Products.

I don't have a 5 so I passed it on to my sister to use with her new phone, and the fab people from Speck sent me a gorgeous CandyShell case in my favourite colours, purple & teal - also known as peacock & grape - for my iPhone 4 (also fits the 4S).

The CandyShell offers dual-layer protection for your phone, with a hard outer shell and a soft rubbery, shock absorbent inner layer as well as a 'bump proof bezel' ridge around the front to offer extra protection for your screen.
I just wish I had had it before I dropped my phone and cracked the screen across the middle... D'oh!

As it happens, I have dropped it a few times since (not on purpose, I hasten to add) and it hasn't been damaged further or made the existing crack worse. I am satisfied that once I have the screen repaired it will be in safe hands... or at least a safe CandyShell, because I'm a complete butterfingers. The kids like to play on various child-friendly apps on my phone too, so this gives it extra protection from any knocks & bumps that they might inflict upon it!

The CandyShell is comfortable to hold as well as aesthetically pleasing and fits my phone just like a second skin. It comes in eleven different colour combinations and is priced at $34.95.

Speck Products offer lots of innovative and useful products to help keep your tablets and smartphones safe & protected in an array of stylish colour and pattern combinations. Check out for more information & follow @speckproducts on Twitter for all the latest news and updates.

I received a complimentary CandyShell iPhone 4 case for review purposesThe views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words.


  1. I had that case. It was great. It did break after a while but I'm an iphone dropper so it is expected. Enjoy!

  2. Looks lovely. I need to get a case for my new iPhone, I managed to break the last one :(

  3. Great review - I love the fact it's got a hard outer shell and soft rubbery inner but don't think i could justify spending that amount on a phone case.
    Love From Mummy

  4. my sister has a speck case and has told me before how good they are. Sadly i dont have an iphone :(


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