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Fifteen Candles

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Last Saturday our eldest child turned fifteen years old. We can't quite believe it ourselves, either. After all her Dad & I are both still in our... er... early twenties... um... *cough*

Anyway. All that aside, with having been away I had had zero time to make her a cake, or organise someone to make her a cake and so I was left with no other option than to BUY one from a SUPERMARKET. This filled me with utter horror. I do not give shop-bought cakes to the children for their birthdays because it is my job to make them. This rule doesn't apply to anyone else before there's uproar, it's simply my own rule for myself. I make my own cakes.

So the Mister & I headed off and duly came back with the least offensive and least mashed (really, what do they do to them? They're just sitting on the shelf?) cake that we could find, containing the most chocolate and sweets to make up for my shortcomings.

Having spent the week away and out & about, we hadn't made any plans so poor A had a rather quiet birthday at home, though she did invite two friends round for a sleepover (though please remind me to say no to that next time she asks) and we had cake and watched a movie. That is, we watched a movie downstairs, and she & her friends watched one upstairs and spent the entire night on tumblr, emerging only once or twice to get food.

Being the age she is, nobody knows what to get her for her birthday. I'm fairly certain she doesn't even know what she wants herself. So, much to her delight she received money from just about everyone and is busy planning what she wants to spend it on. I have said NO to the purple hair and any more gigs this year. Although she has gone to town to get her hair cut... She might well surprise me yet.

Birthdays for my bigger kids are not the jelly & ice cream laden affairs that they once were. A even said she wasn't as excited for her birthday this year as she had been previously, a sure sign that she is getting older. And although I am a little sad that that time has passed for her - the childish giggling sleepless anticipation of waking up to balloons and cake and toys - she has so much more to look forward to that it won't worry her for long, I am sure.

We're very proud of the young lady she has grown in to, and we're very much looking forward to seeing the adult that she will soon become. It doesn't matter how old A gets, she'll always be our little princess.

And doesn't she look lovely in E's tiara..?

(You're welcome.)

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  1. Kind of bitter-sweet really when they grow up isn't it? I remember when our daughter was about the same age and I did a 4 course dinner party for her and three friends and they loved it. Difficult to know what to get them or do for them.

  2. Time goes so quickly doesn't it?
    Happy Birthday to A!!

  3. Linking up via the #R2BC, nice to meet you and your blog. Love the photos and I bet that cake was yummy :)

  4. What a lovely post - I am like you on the cakes! Hope she had a lovely day even if it isn't quite the same as you get older. Bet those 15 years have flown by x

  5. They grow up too quickly. I'm sure you are in deep trouble for sharing that photo of her in the Tiara! but that's payback for years of sleepless nights and dirty nappies! Happy Birthday to her :-D

  6. Happy Birthday to E! What a gorgeous girl she is x

  7. Ummmm didn't I see her with purple hair in photos!? She's a stunning girl and with you and the Mr as parents she's sure to be an amazing adult xxx

  8. Fifteen?! FIFTEEN?! Oh my goodness!! I remember when A was 3/4 lol. Craziness.
    It sounds to me like she had a fab Birthday. Bless. She really is a mini you. Beautiful! :) x

  9. Well done on getting her to 15 safe and sound. She has such character in her face. I am sure she will conquer the world in time

  10. Happy Birthday to A!
    Congratulations to you for making through the 15 years too!
    If she is still wanting coloured hair, maybe try hair chalks? Easy to put in and wash out. Friend's teenage daughter uses and loves them.
    Have a great week x

  11. awww Happy Birthday A!! its mad how quickly the time really does fly!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  12. Happy Birthday to her! I think a run of 15 years before having to buy a cake is really good going - hope we manage to emulate you with that!

  13. Happy Birthday! Our eldest is 15 too and you could just as well be describing her - especially the part about her being upstairs and on tumblr all night! lol


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