Mama OWL Blog: Rain won't stop play #CountryKids

Rain won't stop play #CountryKids

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Last Friday I completely lost track of myself and we ended up missing L's swimming lesson. He was in serious meltdown mode for the rest of the day and he wouldn't even speak to me for a few hours. So I promised that I would take all of them to the fun swim on Saturday afternoon instead, to make up for it.

On Saturday afternoon we arrived at the pool at 1pm, only to realise that I had misread the timetable and that it didn't start until 1:45 not 12:45 like I had thought (the Summer holidays are seriously frying my brain). So, just a two minute walk down the riverside from the pool is a country park with lovely new playground facilities, and I suggested to the kids that we head off down there to kill some time before the session started.

Of course, such is my luck, it started to drizzle with rain as we got to the park, however it was a warm day and it didn't stop the kids tearing off into the playground and having some fun.
Indeed the only person remotely bothered by the rain was the teenager, of course. The other four had a great time racing around and putting the new equipment through its paces.
The park has been there for years (I've lived in this town all of my life and it has been there as long as I can remember) and it is well used by locals and tourists alike, so it is good to see that it has finally been given a facelift.
We stayed for about half an hour and then headed back to the pool, by which point a large queue had formed waiting for the fun swim. The boys spent the whole session racing along the giant inflatable in the main pool thoroughly enjoying themselves (and wearing themselves out...) while I was in the teaching pool with the girls teaching E to swim. We had a really fun afternoon and I'm definitely going to try and make it a regular thing.

I've linked this post with #CountryKids at Coombe Mill.


  1. Lots of phrases come to mind like 'Glad it didn't dampen your spirits' or 'Rain on your parade'! Looks like a fab park - Helen

  2. looks like fun!! a little bit of rain doesnt really do them any harm!

  3. The park areas are so good now and you've reminded me I think I promised to take the kids swimming this summer!

  4. Love taking the children to the park. Lots of lovely play. Your park does looks fun.

  5. what a wonderful looking park! i much prefer the wooden ones to the old metal frames of our childhood! we are the same - rain does not stop us from having fun outdoors either. xx

  6. Love the way you turned the day around and squeezed in a trip to the park before a fun swim. Great when days that look to be going wrong turn out for the best. Laughing at the hoodie in the rain, looks like one loosing their childhood play spirit!

  7. I did think I'd commented on this on Sunday night Julie, so apologies, my head is fried too, I probably didn't press the publish comment button!

    I love the look of the park, ours could really do with an overhaul and some new equipment. I love how kids (apart from teens) are oblivious to the weather, they have fun regardless. Saturday afternoon swimming sounds like fun, better than being stuck in hot steamy shops on a wet day x

  8. Oh mine would love to do this but I always put it off because its such a gaff! Must try and get them out :)

  9. I love a good play in the rain sometimes, if it warm it cools you down :) Sounds like you all had a fab day x


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