Mama OWL Blog: The last of the Summer Whine

The last of the Summer Whine

Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Summer holidays are drawing to a close, everyone is planning and preparing for back to school (unless you're in Scotland in which case you were probably *here* about three weeks ago) and the mixed emotions are setting in.

I was so excited for the Summer to begin, I couldn't wait to enjoy the holidays with the kids and have a break from all of the rigamarole and routine - lunches, uniforms, appointments, activities, sports. Sometimes it feels like it really piles up on top of you and you just need a break.

Well, a break we have had and a lovely one it was too.

We enjoyed a holiday in Torquay and visited Woodlands Family Theme Park and Paignton Zoo, as well as stopping off to see Monsters University on the way home. A turned 15 and also spent a week visiting Ojo's World & family in Wales, and L turned 10 and we had a great time celebrating it by watching Despicable Me 2 at the cinema and taking him to Pizza Hut (his absolute favourite restaurant in the world).

We went swimming, and to the park. We were lucky enough to experience the magical (pun intended) wizarding world of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros Studio Tour.

We've had lazy pj days and movie nights, walks at sunset where we watched paragliders leaping off of the white horse into the horizon and where we played football & rugby and ran with Florence through the long grass. It has been just a really good, relaxing time. With the exception of losing Sparky, of course.

Now we're heading into years eleven, eight, six and three with the big kids and E will be starting nursery school. I'm getting the school uniforms ready and starting to (try!) and settle the kids back into a routine before they start the new term next week.

I'm looking forward to having some time back to myself - and putting my house back together - and I'm excited for all of the things the kids are going to enjoy this year. But I'm also anxious for A who will be striding headlong into her final GCSE exams, and for L who will need to start his transition from primary to senior to make sure he will be fully prepared when he leaves and also to be sending E off to nursery without me for the first time.

I have senior & primary school places to apply for (fingers crossed for first choices), uniforms to label, lunches to plan, and school bags to pack. We have so much to look forward to, I can't wait to see what challenges and experiences the new school year brings.


  1. How exciting, seems like a bit of a stressful year I have just one in school and thats a faff! glad you enjoyed the holidays, hope the last week is just as good!!

  2. You're far more excited for the new school year than me. Little A has already started saying he's not going to school! *sigh*. Oh and the visit was wonderful, she is the female version of KJ, lovely seeing them together xx

  3. exciting times! lots of changes I'm sure you will take them in your stride

  4. Wow I have all those school days to look forward including apply for schools for the toddler! You'll be keeping yourself busy!

  5. Sounds like you've had an active summer and have got a busy year ahead with so many changes and new routines to get used to. Can't imagine having to manage a 15 year old and a 3 year olds different needs. We're only just starting the school adventures, really, with Miss I starting juniors this year, the two others in infants and my little Miss C starting playgroup next week. I'm glad to still have my little man at home with me, although I have to confess to looking ahead to them all in school with pleasure ;) Enjoy these last few days of holidays!

  6. Sounds like you were busy, and you will be busy still - just like me!! Never stops, this mummy lark, does it?! Wishing you a Happy Back To School :)

  7. Love this post.
    Like how it remembers a lovely Sunday and looks forwards to the joys and challenges ahead.

  8. Back to school is always tough after a relaxing summer. And this summer has been extra good with the brilliant weather. I suppose we all now need to face the challenge and get back into the swing of things!

  9. What a busy summer! Hope you can find a bit of 'Me' time in the coming weeks.


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