Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Time for Woollies & Wellies?

The change of season means that it's time for a wardrobe overhaul, the woollies and wellies are on their way back out and the summer vest tops and flip flops will soon be relegated to the back of the cupboard for another year.

I have spent several hours over the past week or so sorting through every drawer and wardrobe in this house (bear in mind that there are seven of us...) getting prepared for the Autumn/Winter season, I now have two bin bags stuffed full of clothes to shift on with a third bin bag half full.

Lots of the kids clothes are too good to be simply thrown away but obviously won't fit them next Summer, and of course replacing clothes costs money so if I can earn some cash for clothing to help towards kitting them out for the colder weather then even better - the clothes are out of my way and I have pennies in my pocket. Win/win.

I try to prolong the life of Summer clothes as much as I can, buying long sleeved plain t-shirts to wear underneath their short sleeved ones for a multi-layer style, which serves to keep them warm as well as allowing the most wear out of their Summer tops. The shorts, of course, have no such reprieve.

I'm looking forward to the change of season as Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year.

I have lots of beautiful scarves to wear (including my gorgeous owl one, a birthday gift from my SIL) with my favoured jersey dresses, leggings and boots - perfect for woodland walks on crisp mornings, kicking through crunchy leaves and enjoying the fresh air.

Is your wardrobe ready for the change of season? What are your seasonal clothing staples?


Jess Hill said...

Ice just done the same thing, I've been quite forward thinking in that I've bought things I can wear next summer too..denim jacket, dresses etc, just adding some woollen tights to the dresses and a snug cardigan for winter, plus some ankle boots :) x

Kerry Dyer said...

My boots are back out already! Need to get Sienna some wells I think! x

Suzanne Whitton said...

I'm afraid that I can't bring myself to do this just yet! I am ever hopeful that an Indian summer is on its way....please! x

TheOutdoorsDad said...

I love the change of seasons for some reason. It just seems to be a great change to the routine and the chance to wear different shoes

SarahMummy said...

I'm hanging on another couple of weeks before doing my clear-out! The kids are still in their summer clothes. My daughter wears tights under her shorts in winter - it looks very cool!

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