Mama OWL Blog: Coffee: How do you drink yours?

Coffee: How do you drink yours?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

There is a lot to be said for morning coffee. Frankly, if I didn't manage to have at least one cup of joe a day the world would be a darker place.

For everyone else.

There is just something so satisfying about that first mouthful. The taste, the tantalising aroma - it just makes everything better. I used to be strictly a milk & two sugars kinda girl, however these days I now take it with double cream, no sugar or occasionally with a glob of coconut oil.
On a day to day basis I just make my coffee the instant way, although I have been coveting coffee machines from John Lewis. There are some really funky designs available in an array of colours - my favourite is the Ascaso that comes in the most fantastic red, it would look amazing in my kitchen, maybe at Christmas... (hint hint, Mister Owl).

My cup cupboard is chock full of mugs. Although, at least one gets broken seemingly every week with clumsy teens & tweens just stuffing things in without watching what they're doing, so you get a mug torpedo to the face every time you open the door. My ninja skills have saved a few but there was no hope for the others. We The Elves treat the kids to a new mug each every Christmas Eve, so fingers crossed we're not going to run out any time soon.

My current favourite mug for my coffee is this beautiful owl one that my sister bought me for my birthday, I don't even keep it in the cupboard because I worry it will suffer the same fate as the others and I want to keep it forever so it sits out by itself in the window sill, where it is safe!

How do you take your morning coffee? Do you have a favourite mug? Is it only my kids who are incapable of putting things away carefully?

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