Mama OWL Blog: It's just a little rain #CountryKids

It's just a little rain #CountryKids

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Last weekend J's U13s team played their first match as well as H having U8s rugby training on a Sunday so it was the first of many busy weekends for us.
H will have his first training session at the brand new rugby club tomorrow as well as team photos, and the following weekend will be his first match - so much for relaxing weekends at home! It'll be muddy boots and parkas at the ready for me for the next few months.

We took E, J & L along with us to H's rugby in the morning, the weather wasn't great and E wasn't particularly impressed (L just went and sat in the car, J wandered between) until I gave her full control of the umbrella.

It was a bit chilly and the kids were having a moan about the weather in between playing catch with the Mister (in which E got one to the face, poor lamb), and eventually all ended up sat in the car, but I stoically stood and watched until they were done despite the fact that I don't do cold & I was missing my duvet... We went home for lunch, H had a nice hot shower and got changed and then we had about an hour at home before we were back out again.

I put on another layer, and as the weather was rapidly deteriorating we dropped off the younger three with M&FIL, so that they could stay inside in the warm. The Mister is one of the managers of J's team and had to get there early to help set up etc, so I was sat in the car waiting for the match to start and this was my view -

They must have got absolutely drenched during warm up and I did debate staying in the car, but then the Mister texted me to ask me to bring the water bottles over which forced my hand. Luckily it did stop raining in time for the match to start, so I took refuge under the trees next to the pitch (just in case) and watched from there.

They had a great game and unfortunately didn't win, but they gave it a good go & had fun which is the main thing. I really enjoyed watching J play, and I'm looking forward to watching H's first match next week too.
I plan to go and watch as many as possible and support them. I admit that I've left it up to the Mister mostly as far as sport is concerned, but I want to be more involved and I know that they like having me there so I will make more of an effort to go and see them play - even if it's raining!

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  1. My children are still small, so I have all of this to come! I do remember watching my brother play rugby when we were small, though I admit I sat in the car if it rained! I'd be out there cheering if it were mine now, and great to see weather doesn't stop play :) #CountryKids

  2. I don't have boys and 6yo isn't into her football, so I'm quite pleased I don't have to spend my Sunday mornings in the cold, as my feet are always cold lol

  3. Well you will definitely earn brownie points as a Mum if you do go and support them - no matter the weather! It's amazing how when they have a match they don't seem to be bothered by the weather much - until after that is! Plenty of hot chocolate and showers, thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Good for you! Not much fun standing in the rain, but kids always appreciate us being there so much, makes it worth it! My 7yo not too keen on team sports, so I've managed to avoid this so far... Think the 4yo might be more interested :) #CountryKids

  5. Full admiration for supporting them through the rain. I've escaped it so far, but 6yo is showing definite signs of wanting to play. Sigh.

  6. Good on you!
    Time to invest in layers and a flask for you Winter duties ;) x


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