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Perfect Toddler Party Wear

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

E is such a girly girl. If it's pink, involves ponies, princesses or baby dolls then she is all about it. Even with having three older brothers, she prefers "girl things" as she calls them. Barbie, My Little Pony, dolls, Disney Princesses... You name it, if it's pink and/or sparkly then she will love it. Knowing that she had two birthday parties coming up, I searched for some party dresses for her. Trouser sets simply will not do, it absolutely must be a dress. Of course.

It just so happened that week in July that featured some gorgeous Sweet Elegance toddler dresses in their sales, and I snapped up two of my favourites - fuchsia & orange, and pink lace - to keep for the upcoming special occasions for just £7.99 each.

The fuchsia & orange got its first outing for her cousin F's 4th birthday 'prince & princesses' party in mid-September where it was put through its paces on the bouncy castle and during the ruthless beating of a pinãta. E is an average sized 3½ year old, perhaps on the taller side, and this dress in age 3-4 fit her almost perfectly, with it only being slightly too big around the shoulder straps, we just pulled the bow in tight. It has an asymmetric hem and the colours & floral design are beautiful, perfect for a party!

The gorgeous pink lace dress, also in size 3-4 years, had its debut last weekend at E's friend A's 4th birthday party that had a fab fun jungle/safari theme. Teamed with some pink tights and a pink cardi (the cardi was off within minutes of arriving at the hall) E tested the dress to its limits on the bouncy castle and racing around at top speed, kicking balloons and playing chase with the other kids, not to mention another ruthless pinãta beating - this time it was a monkey!

I'm keeping my eyes open for occasion wear for Christmas for all five of the children. I can't get away with matching them like I used to (spoil sports) but I do love complementary colours and can't wait to get them all dressed up this festive season. Now - to pick a colour theme!


  1. Lovely dresses! I have a girly girl too, but now she's 7 she's not quite as girly as she once was!

  2. I love the dresses, especially the first one. So pretty and they really suit E. Beautiful! x


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