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Pinterest Inspired Bento Boxology

Monday, 9 September 2013

I have seen stunning examples of and admired the 'Bento Box lunch' phenomenon on many occasions - however when packing lunch for five or six people for five or six days out of the week, I tend to go for what I can do fastest rather than what is most aesthetically pleasing. That is not to say, that maybe someday I will be organised enough to create these works of edible art that will actually still look like this come lunchtime after they have been flung into a school bag and done a few rounds of the playground...

I headed off to Sainsbury's to purchase my supplies for the bento box I had designed in my head for E, after having made a detour to pick up a poorly L from school. The original plan I had thought of then went out of the window, because we ran out of time while E was at nursery, and also L was in no mood to grocery shop with mum. I bought myself some time by letting L choose a breakfast cereal, however I had to make it quick so I improvised with my final shopping list for my bento box.

Like any toddler, E loves to see her own name. She likes to pick out letters of her name and "read" it whenever she sees it written anywhere, so I went with the idea of using it for her lunch.

With my vast collection of cake decorating cutters (I now have double usage for them, which means I can justify buying more...) I turned E's name into edible art.

We had strawberry E, cheddar R, banana I, cucumber C and ham for the A. Using my silicone cupcake moulds, I separated the different flavours and she had great fun spelling her name out while she ate her lunch.

Along with the fruit and cheese, E enjoyed some of her favourite crisps in addition to a soft cheese bagel, topped with ham As which she thought was very funny. I maybe shouldn't encourage her to play with her food, but she ate it all as well as practised her name so it can't be all bad!

There are so many different designs and ideas you could quite literally never run out of things to do. Strawberry or banana flowers or butterflies, the alphabet cut into shapes, letters and numbers, savoury biscuits made into whatever shape you fancy and sandwiches cut in to any character you could imagine... It was certainly fun to do and I have created a Pinterest Bento Boxology board to keep all of my inspiration. I'm keen to try out some favourite tv characters for my boys!

Have you been inspired by the bento box? What themes or characters would you most like to try out?


  1. I knew you would do a fab one of these! I love the letter idea. Now, are you going to do bento style everyday now?! :)

  2. Thank you! I thought the spelling out of her name would appeal to her, and it did! Result! She has been a picky eater lately but she was keen to dig in to this!

    Haha! Well it would be a lot of fun but I think I might make it a once a month thing ;) x

  3. I have never heard of a Bento box! Good excuse to spend hours on pinterest ;-) x

  4. Using letters is a really lovely idea! I remember when I was little having Alphabites - those potato letters - and alphabetti spaghetti. It was always loads of fun trying to see if I could spell out my name!

  5. I love the bento box idea and I love the name idea, too! I may have to get some supplies and try doing this myself :D You have inspired me, lol xx

  6. Lovely idea! And no tooo much effort either :) Love looking at the bento lunches but not sure I'd manage it for a school packed lunch. Letter food is a super idea though - h for ham, s for strawberry...

  7. Love the letter idea, will have to get some cutters to have a go myself.

  8. Love the letter idea, will have to get some cutters to have a go son would love eating his name lol.

  9. I love the letter idea! I did the shop too and had a brilliant time :)


  10. I love the name in different ingredients - definitely going to try this! Thanks for linking up to #BentoBabies

  11. Great bento!

    I always love to see people giving bento a try :)

    It can be hard work but it can be great fun too! :)


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