Mama OWL Blog: Tweenage Kicks from ASDA George

Tweenage Kicks from ASDA George

Monday, 2 September 2013

If you've left back to school shoe shopping until the last minute and your stomach is churning at the thought of lining up in shoe shops, then fear not.

ASDA George have an extensive range of back-to-school footwear available in store and online which promises to be hard wearing as well as excellent value for money, it's worth bearing in mind that they're also included in George's 100 day satisfaction guarantee.

We all know how hard kids can be on their shoes, in years gone by I have replaced my boys shoes two or three times in just one school year. You may think that spending a chunk of money on a pair of branded shoes will prevent you having to do that, but having tested that theory myself I found that it hasn't worked out in my favour & I've still had to replace them with yet more - except instead of them being £10-£15 a pair, I had forked out double that in the first place... times three.

ASDA George have kindly kitted my boys out with school shoes for the new term so they'll be heading back to school looking smart. L & H have the boys leather shoes in black priced at £17 per pair, and J has the formal leather slip-on shoes (also in black) priced at £16.

They are a good comfortable fit and the boys will definitely give them a good running in. J will be putting them through their paces with break & lunchtime football with his mates while L & H will be wearing them in on the playground this Autumn. Strong, supportive shoes are especially important for L with his leg issues & I am satisfied that these will give him good support and are appropriate to have fitted with the orthotic devices that he needs.

I always purchase my boys school uniform (the non-logo items) from ASDA George and am happy to put my money where my mouth is. I've purchased trousers and polos for L & H from their back-to-school uniform range for many years and in my opinion, they are good quality and value. The polos last well through numerous washes and the trousers are adjustable (important for my skinny-waisted, long-legged sons) as well as comfortable but don't break the bank, so if they do happen to put the knees through playing sports then replacing them isn't a massive strain on my wallet.

Obviously I'd prefer it if they refrained from skidding around on the field in their uniform & saved it for PE - but we all know that isn't going to happen!

I received complimentary footwear from the ASDA George back-to-school range for review purposesThe views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words.


  1. Oooh i'll have to tell my sister about this range of shoes from ASDA as my niece starts school next week. Thanks for sharing! x
    Love From Mummy

  2. we love the asda range, we get all the childrens school shoes from there. They are fab quality

  3. They look great and much cheaper than other school shoes I have seen. We are still a couple of years off needing them but will keep Asda in mind

  4. I have got my girls shoes from Asda...They really are better then some of the other cheap shoe shops....

  5. I would worry about width fittings etc? I was brought up on regular measuring trips & wouldn't trust my own judgement on shoes (ridiculous I know)

  6. Incredibly smart looking and great price too - would love to hear how long they last! x

  7. I wish I would have seen this post before spending £40 on my son's shoes, great detailed post.

  8. i love asda for its back to school range they are great in the last few years they have stocked more and more so now they have a great range of different clothes


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