Mama OWL Blog: {Autumn Bucket List} Bake More...

{Autumn Bucket List} Bake More...

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumn Bucket List

Lately I haven't seemed to have the time to bake at all, and I have really missed it. I love baking, there's nothing quite like having a home-made dessert after a Sunday roast or as a treat on a Friday night.

So - since I have an abundance of apples sitting in a basket on the counter in the kitchen after our afternoon of apple-picking, I have been busy baking and putting them all to good use, whilst also fulfilling my Autumn Bucket List resolution to 'bake more'. The Mister is not a big fan of cooked apples (there's always one isn't there! And it's always him...) so I made him a bread & butter pudding to have after our roast at the weekend to keep him happy.

The kids and I have so far made a delicious cinnamon apple cake (I think this was my favourite), a toffee apple cake and an apple crumble using recipes from the Family Kitchen Cookbook. They are so easy to follow and the results have been very successful & thoroughly enjoyed by us all.

Cinnamon Apple Cake

Half the fun of baking, for me, is letting the kids join in and really get stuck in. I find that with both baking and cooking, the kids are far more likely to want to eat food if they have been the ones to help create it, which can be a great help for fussy eaters. E & I have had fun making biscuits too, my nan's vanilla butter biscuits always go down a treat and only needed a little input from me, the rest of the hard work was done by E!

Toffee Apple Cake
I've been enjoying making Autumnal dishes now that the weather is turning. Lots of soups, casseroles and warming, filling meals perfect for these chilly evenings especially after coming home from swimming or training sessions.

Do you have any special dishes & desserts that you particularly enjoy at this time of year? What are your family favourites?


  1. I really, really wish I had your talent for baking. I just don't have the baking talent, lol. I need to practice more lol. All your food sounds delicious! x

  2. This post is making me soooooo hungry!

  3. Well, now I'm really hungry! They all look delicious!

  4. You know Autumn is here when bread and butter pudding (with custard) is being made - looks so lovely :)

  5. The Cinnamon and apple cake looks amazing xx

  6. I love baking - it's good for the soul...although am not a fan of cooked apples - these look tempting enough to have a tast test!

  7. Those do all sound lovely. I struggle to include my children in cooking - although they are younger than yours - but they do love it when I let them! We have some cooking apples on the side just waiting for more to get some time & inspiration. As I've also got blackberries in the freezer, I expect we'll go for crumble.

  8. Delicious!
    We also have an Autumn Bucket list which included making an apple crumble - Ben loved helping (and eating!)

  9. these look delicious honey, i so wish i was able to bake something even half as nice!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  10. All of those sound (and look) yummy - especially the cinnamon and apple cake. I'm a dreadful cook, so it's the same old rubbish all year round for my kids!

  11. Look delish. I've been saying every day for a week or more that I'd make an apple maybe tonight...


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