Mama OWL Blog: {Autumn Bucket List} Feed the wildlife

{Autumn Bucket List} Feed the wildlife

Thursday, 24 October 2013

I did consider taking a picture of the kids sat around the table at dinner...

Instead, I am sharing with you a little walk E and I took to go and feed the squirrel that lives down the lane near my parents house. We have a big bag of peanuts at home from which we pour a little into a plastic container to take and sprinkle around at the bottom of the tree that we think he lives in (it is, at least, the one he is always sat in when we see him!).
E takes great delight in flinging the peanuts about under the tree for the squirrel (and any other wildlife that might happen across it). She is sometimes disappointed if he doesn't come out while we're there, but she has decided that if ever we don't see him it must be because he is sleeping!

We're going to be making some bird feeders for the garden during half term, E loves wildlife so it will be a lovely little project for us. Do you have an Autumn Bucket List? How are you getting on with yours?

I have linked this post with #CountryKids at Coombe Mill.


  1. Awww!! I wish we could have wildlife feeders but there's tooooo many cats around here, they'd kill the birds etc :(

    I'm not doing to bad with my bucket list so far.

    Love the pictures xx

  2. We keep meaning to go to the park to collect some conkers but we keep forgetting. We love watching the squirrels too x

  3. I love the imagination :) We have certain trees that have something living in them, as far as the boys are concerned, and we always have to stop and look/chat/leave food :) #CountryKids

  4. LOL @ taking a pic around the table.
    Every time we make bird feeders they go untouched, not sure if we are doing something wrong. we ought to have a list but I'm really not orgnanised enough.

  5. What a lovely idea! Have fun making your bird feeder!

  6. How sweet that she has a pet squirrel she feeds - they are fun to watch. Good luck with the bird feeder - I look forward to seeing the results. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  7. Aww, Your daughter is so cute! Love her coat too :) #CountryKids. All the best, Dean.

  8. I probably should do a bucket list but I'm a bit too scared to fail! This reminds me I need to get a bag of nuts. We have so many squirrels at our local park. Ps what do you mean just taking a pic of your family?! :)

  9. Oh sweet! That's such a cute thing to do :) xx

  10. Mine love feeding the birds too. Such a great activity for little ones.


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