Mama OWL Blog: {Autumn Bucket List} Go to more sporting matches for the kids

{Autumn Bucket List} Go to more sporting matches for the kids

Friday, 4 October 2013

I'll admit I am a reluctant touchline mum. Not because I don't love being there to cheer the kids on and support them in their sporting activities -

But because I bloody hate the cold.

I don't mind the rain, but when it's coupled with a wind that stops just short of gale force and a cold that chills you to your bones and takes you days to regain feeling in your extremities then yes, I am a massive wimp and would rather be at home in the warm, thankyouverymuch.


It's time to woman-up. I am going to go to as many matches as I able to, not just to watch the kids take part in their sports but the old man as well.
I've said it here now as well as in my Autumn Bucket List, you all have to hold me to it. I'll buy some extra layers. I'll get some welly socks. I will stay warm, and I will be there pretending I have a clue what is going on, and clapping when the other parents do. I might even try and learn the rules & laws. Soon enough they will be grown and off doing their own things, so I am going to grab every opportunity to be there for them while they still want me to be!

Last Sunday H had his first ever match for his U8s rugby team. He was so nervous in the morning but excited with it, and we got there early as advised by the coach because it was going to be a busy day for the club with lots of other matches going on at their new ground. The Mister got roped in to helping out with warm up (which I think is payback for him volunteering me for kitchen duty at training last week) and I was chatting to the other parents while we waited for everything to start. Our next door neighbours even came along to watch which H was really pleased about, too.

I'm delighted to say that he had a great first outing for his team and they won 2 of their 3 matches and drew the other, H even scored 5 tries. I was very proud indeed, the whole team did brilliantly. This is their last year of tag rugby and I know H is keen to be able to tackle (groan, such a boy) but this stage is so important for him to teach him the laws and let him get a feel for it. I know he is enjoying it and that is the main thing!

After the matches we had a quick look inside the new clubhouse and H had his post-match squash & hot dog, he likes his food and I think this was one of his favourite parts of the day!
I thought he would want to come home, have a bath & get straight into his jimjams but he was keen to get changed and go out with the Mister & J to watch J's football match in the afternoon so off they all went after lunch.

The good day continued with J's U13s team winning their match 5-1 so it was celebrations all round and I had some very happy boys indeed (the Mister included).

I've managed to find a taekwondo class for L to have a go at, so hopefully soon he will have his own activity to take part in as I know he has been feeling left out. The teacher has experience with children with special needs too which is of course very important and the first month's training is free, so fingers crossed he will enjoy it and want to take it up properly after his initial introduction, I think it'd do wonders for his legs too. We will see!

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  1. I have to say I don't do the cold very well and as much as I want Monkey to be active and enjoy sports, a part of me is dreading me being out in all weathers

  2. Well done to the boys and their teams xxx

  3. I sympathise - I don't like the cold either. (maybe tuck a small hot water bottle inside your coat to keep you warm)Well done to your boys for taking part and doing so well. I hope that the Taekwondo goes well, thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Gorgeous photo! I go to nearly all of my kids' sports matches. Yes, it's cold and sometimes slightly boring, but I figure it's what parenting is all about when kids get to a certain age. I know they really appreciate us being there and I enjoy watching.

  5. Ohh well done to the boys and their teams!
    I don't like the cold either!!

  6. well done H what a fantastic sport to be involved in.

    thank you for sharing and linking up with #MagicMoments

  7. I completely sympathise with you - I am dreading it and putting it off for as long as I can. x

  8. My youngest has just joined a football team and after years of me (and him) trudging around from one dance/drama class to the next, it's a little light relief! I'm with you on the cold though - can I recommend thermals? I know that I will definitely be wearing some!

  9. Oh, i would much rather be inside with a cuppa, so well done you!

  10. I'm definitely with you on the cold! But, sometimes it just has to be done! Problem is, no amount of wrapping up really works when you're standing still! I like Fiona's idea of a hot water bottle :) And welly socks are a must!

  11. Well done boys...
    and you, I also hate hanging around in the cold and do tend to wimp out and leave it all to my hubby! xx

  12. Well done for braving the cold - and yay for winning.

    Good luck to L I know only too well how hard it is finding suitable out of school activities can be.


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