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Gross Science! Zombie Hand Kit

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Halloween is fast approaching and if, like us, you're not a family that goes out trick or treating but you still want to have fun at home, Hobbycraft have a fantastic range of creepy Halloween crafts for your little boils & ghouls. We were sent the John Adams Gross Science Zombie Hand Kit (priced at £13, recommended for age 7+) to try - perfect for my boys who love anything disgusting & slimy.
What do you think a Zombie's severed hand might look like and what it might feel like to hold it in your hand? Well now you can see for yourself! 
In this totally gruesome kit, clip together the skeleton bones and use the special liquids and powders to mould a completely gross, fleshy zombie hand. Cover it with putrid, rotten skin, add decaying finger nails and finish off with squishy, squirming maggots! Finally, use the completely safe scalpel to dissect your creation and watch the rotten gore ooze out, GROSS!

The kit comes with full instructions and it is a comprehensive kit, but states that you will need to tape the mould together to prevent leakage so you'll need to make sure that you have some at home, as well as a jug.

H followed the instructions with the aid of A under my supervision and together they assembled the hand & connected everything together before popping it in the mould & pouring the mixture in.
We did have a bit of a 'mare with the mould and the mixture kept leaking out no matter how much tape we sealed it up with, in the end we had to put it in a bag to go into the freezer so it wouldn't spill out everywhere.

H wasn't impressed that it had to be frozen overnight because he's impatient! So it's worth bearing that in mind if you're doing it for Halloween, maybe to prepare it the day before so you can make the skin & do your dissecting on the day. Kids will definitely need grown-up help with this kit as there are several steps to carry out and it is rather complicated - as well as the potential safety hazard of the chemicals - but doing it together at the table for Halloween is the ideal opportunity for some fun experimenting, just be sure to carefully read all instructions first & follow all safety precautions.

The Gross Science Kits are also available in 'beating heart' and 'eyeball dissection' so there is something disgusting for everyone to enjoy!

We received a complimentary Gross Science Zombie Hand Kit from Hobbycraft for review purposesThe views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words.

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