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Are you online?

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Teen & I were discussing internet addiction last week and it got me thinking about my own internet use.
While I don't spend much time on the PC for 'recreation' (a chance would be a fine thing, with 2 teens & 2 tweens hogging it), I do rely on the internet for many aspects of my daily life.

This article about the nation’s online habits suggests that high street retailers are taking a hit due to the increased amount of online shoppers taking to the world wide web to buy everything from foodstuff to special occasion gifts and clothes. Even all of my banking is done online with the exception of paying money in, I actually even find that a major inconvenience if I am completely honest. Going to the bank? OUTSIDE? Where there are PEOPLE? Whatever next! (Can't I just do it online? Is there an app for that?)

You might think I am joking. I am. Sort of...

Our weekly shop is also done online. I write our family meal plan every week complete with the ingredients that I need after meticulously checking the cupboards and fridges/freezer to see what we already have in.
Feeding seven of us, I need to make the budget stretch as far as humanly possible and by meal planning I can ensure we only buy what we need, and don't waste food or money. I also have it delivered, meaning I don't have to endure taking the kids to the supermarket... They hate it, I hate it. This just makes it easier all round!

I don't watch television shows on the internet (I do however have a Sky+ planner that is full to bursting, one day I might get chance to watch some of the things I have recorded) and while the children do use their tablets & smartphones for games & apps, they do not watch tv shows on them like this article in The Independent suggests is the case for many kids. I don't feel that I can have full control over what they watch if they have unsupervised access to it like that so I don't allow it, with the exception of A as she is that little bit older and is sensible about her viewing.

Christmas & birthday shopping is almost always conducted via the computer or my smartphone. I couldn't count the amount of times a day I think of something and need to check the price online, or search for a shop that stocks it & to see if I could get it cheaper somewhere else. The smartphone certainly helps with stealth purchasing, too many little eyes around when trying to shop on the computer!

My blogging is done in the evenings when the younger ones are tucked up in bed, I try and get posts scheduled as much as possible because I simply have such little time in the day to get it done. Occasionally during a flash of inspiration if I am able to I will get on the computer and spill my heart out here to anyone willing to read it.
I love being able to share my thoughts, feelings and tales from our daily life here and I am delighted to have such loyal readership. I had a lovely comment about my apple crumble recipe the other day that really made me smile, those moments - yes, even something as simple as sharing a recipe that someone else enjoyed - are the ones that, for me, make blogging all the more worthwhile.

I do wonder how I would manage to conduct my day-to-day life without the internet. It would be possible of course, but it would mean more human interaction for my rather anti social self..!

Are you addicted to the internet? Do you conduct your life via the world wide web or could you manage without it?

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  1. Honestly? I couldn't manage without the internet.
    I love blogging, Google comes in handy, I like to check prices online etc, too. The kids use the internet for homework and I use it for emailing friends and family.
    Life without the internet seems kind of....difficult! LOL.
    Fab post xx

  2. This made me smile A LOT!

    I am currently feeling quite out of the loop with human interaction!

    I live a lot of my life online too, shops etc

    I have been quite unhappy about it recently, I am a stay at home mum and it can be very lonely.

    But one thing I have relised, I am glad I live in this era because if I did not have the Social interaction of social media, I am not sure I would be able to cope

  3. I think the internet is our social lives now. It's just a natural progression.

    Think about it, how much contact would we actually get, without it. We'd all be so lonely! lol xx

  4. I am addicted to the internet! I couldn't live without it...Banking, shopping, facebook! I shudder at the thought of having no internet! x

  5. I'm addicted to the internet! My online shopping is fairly limited, although I do have a weekly Tesco order. My addiction is all about social networking - I feel lost without it!


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