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Welcome to the family!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

RIP Sparky & Cannonbolt
Following the very sad death of Sparky the roborovski hamster in August, the kids had been extra attentive to the remaining hamster - Cannonbolt (I didn't name them...) - to prevent him from getting lonely.
However, hamsters do not have long life spans (2 to 2.5 years for this breed so I am told) and sadly a couple of weeks ago, we lost him too. They took it a lot better the second time, L in particular was distressed but nowhere near the degree he had been for the first one. A hard lesson to learn but one that seems to have 'sunk in'.

Both hamsters have been cremated and we're going to create a little area in the garden to place engraved pebbles, like a sort of garden of remembrance.

Alan & Victor the hamstersAt first they weren't keen on getting new hamsters as they didn't want to 'replace' Sparky & Cannonbolt, but they soon changed their minds so their Dad and I went off to go and pick two new members of the family, and here they are.

They have been named Alan & Victor and so far have settled in very well. They are still hiding from us mostly & don't appear to be feeling particularly social just yet, but I imagine after some time they will get used to us and their new surroundings and be a bit more open to some interaction. For now, the kids are enjoying watching them settle in & make themselves at home.

Florence isn't all that bothered by them, though I have caught her sitting on the arm of the sofa just watching them potter about in their cage (it's a safe distance away!). She's more interested in her teddy than anything else to be honest, she carries that ratty old thing around with her everywhere!

Do you have any family pets?


  1. What amazing names your children come up with for their pets! I'm particularity fond of Alan the hamster :) My daughter has just got her first pets - 2 fish, and is caring for them well, so I'm keeping fingers crossed they'll last a while..!

  2. Welcome Alan and Victor!! how super that you now have 2 new members of the family.

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  3. I too am loving the names :) we haven't ventured into pet territory yet... Although my oldest has asked for a hamster!


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