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Sixth Form & Post-16 Options

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I do genuinely wonder where the last 15 years have gone. I cannot believe we have a daughter who is in year 11, that we are making plans for the prom (I am currently deciding which organs to sell to fund 'the perfect prom dress' not to mention the shoes, the make-up, the hair...) and talking about revision plans, GCSEs and 'what happens next' - the post-16 options, sixth form, college, university...

For a long time A wanted to be a vet. She was certain, that was the career for her and it had been for as long as I can remember. Then when she took her year nine options she said "I want to be a history teacher", and that was that.
We discussed what GCSEs she should take and in the end she chose those most relevant to her desired future career as well as one that she wanted to take purely for the enjoyment she got from it (music).

She was fortunate and managed to secure all the options she had chosen, and since then things have gone well. She has, with the support & advice from the Mister & I as well as her teachers, decided to drop one subject (Child Development) in favour of spending more time studying for and revising for the other subjects (History in particular) and, I have learned after an 'academic board' meeting last week, is on course for top marks in all of them as long as she continues putting the work in as she has been doing.
It's our job now as her parents to keep her on the right path and make sure she gets plenty of rest and spends time at home revising, keeping on top of her homework & planning for her exams in the Summer.

There is a lot of pressure on her right now and we are doing our best to keep her motivated. We have a lovely family holiday in the south of France booked for the Summer next year and we'll return a few days before she will receive her results. We hope she'll be able to relax & enjoy the sunshine while we're away, and she knows that she has that to look forward to when her GCSEs are all over with.

We'll be attending the sixth form open evening for her current secondary school this week, and A has made an appointment with the careers advisor at school & looked at the list of the available subjects for the sixth form.
She has also started looking at universities that will be the best match for her chosen career, as well as those that offer an option to study part of her degree abroad for a year or semester as she is particularly interested in studying in the USA.

There is a part of me screaming internally at the thought of sitting her on a plane and waving her off to lands unknown, but at the same time I am so excited for her and the adventures that she has to come. I really hope that she will make the most of her opportunities and experience everything that the world has to offer her.

Well not everything... Some things I would of course rather she didn't experience!

But - she is a responsible, mature young lady and I have every faith in her that she will make good decisions, and go far (both literally and academically). She has a lot to offer the world and I am excited to see where she ends up.

Hopefully somewhere hot, so we can visit.

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  1. It sounds like she's doing really well. You should be so proud. Good luck to her (and you!) for the remainder of year 11!

  2. my daughter is year nine, terifying how the years fly by! She looks lovely and sounds like a bright sensible girl! Well done to you all!

    as to prom dresses - you may like to take a peek at

    i can recommend them as I bought a ballgown from them and it's lovely.

    Tattooed Mummy

  3. Aww, such a lovely post!
    It sounds like A is doing really well! I can tell how proud of you are :-) I wish her good luck with year 11, GCSE's and beyond, awww. xx

  4. You have created a wonderful human being. Not only is she intelligent, she is funny and kind (and beautiful). I'm sure she will achieve whatever her heart wants. However, I too would like an invite if she settles somewhere warm ;-) xxx

  5. Ah, I can well imagine how you are fighting inside between being insanely (and deservedly) proud, hopeful, fearful, thrilled and bemused at all this grown-up-ness! Wishing you and her masses of luck, for her exams as well as for all the adventures after!

  6. Ahh they do grow up too quickly don't they? I hope Year 11 goes swimmingly and she finds somewhere amazing to study after that :)

  7. I am at just the same stage with my eldest who is year 11, so much pressure on them to do well and Universities wanting A or A* on maths and English to as a requirement. Fingers crossed they all do enough to do what they want and enjoy a lovely summer off. #magicmoments

  8. awww honey, once they are born i swear the time speeds up ten fold!!

    thank you for sharing this amazing stage with #MagicMoments x

  9. Gosh, I have all this to look forward to! It sounds like she has a very sensible head on her shoulders, and will do brilliantly. Good luck to her, and you!

  10. This all sounds incredibly exciting, where do the years go eh?! My 13 yr old is currently obsessed with the idea of being a vet, like your daughter, has wanted to be one since I can remember. A very difficult and challenging career path though and I'm not sure she has quite the brains for it! Your daughter sounds incredibly determined and very ambitious, well done to her (and you!). Good luck to you both x


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