Mama OWL Blog: Top 10 family-friendly Halloween Movies

Top 10 family-friendly Halloween Movies

Saturday, 5 October 2013

We're big on movie night at Chez Owl and since we don't go out trick or treating, Halloween is a great excuse for a family film night.

While the older two kids might well campaign for actual horror films (so not happening), we stick to spooky but kid friendly Halloween movies that we can enjoy as a family. Since it is fast approaching, we would like to share our top 10 family-friendly Halloween movies for anyone looking for inspiration. In no particular order -
  1. Disney's The Haunted Mansion.
  2. Disney's Hocus Pocus.
  3. Monster House.
  4. Casper.
  5. ParaNorman.
  6. Disney's Frankenweenie.
  7. Hotel Transylvania.
  8. The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  9. Coraline.
  10. The Witches.
Family Halloween Movies
Family Halloween Movies
All of these movies, in our opinion, make great viewing for a spooky night in. However - as with any movie, I must recommend using your own discretion as to how suitable they will be for your own kids as all contain some mild peril and potentially scary scenes for more sensitive and younger children. For very little ones, you could try Room on the Broom or The Gruffalo.

If you'd rather go for more traditional witchcraft & wizardry then the Harry Potter movies are a great choice. Alternatively if you have teens/older tweens to entertain, you could offer Warm Bodies, Dark Shadows, the Twilight Saga movies (popular with girls, can't imagine why) or Beautiful Creatures. These movies are all rated 12/12A but again, use your own discretion.
Halloween movies for teens
We'll be enjoying our Halloween viewing with some 'rainbow' popcorn coloured with purple, green & orange using a recipe from the Family Kitchen Cookbook, it's a fun twist on movie snacks & looks great too.

Do you have any family-friendly Halloween film favourites?


  1. Great list...There's a few we've not seen...My girls especially love The Nightmare Before

  2. The posy love the paws movies and I think there is a spooky paws


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