Mama OWL Blog: Updating Your Children's Rooms As They Grow Up - A Guest Post

Updating Your Children's Rooms As They Grow Up - A Guest Post

Friday, 11 October 2013

Parenting is full of tasks you never see coming, and that in itself is no surprise. But when these tasks come up, it can certainly throw you for a loop! In a way, this is part of the charm of the parenting process - it always surprises you. But on the other hand, it never hurts to be prepared!

One of these surprising tasks that creeps up on you is the need to upgrade your children's rooms. Generally speaking, a baby's room won't suit a young child, and a young child's room won't suit a teenager! And to some extent, your kids will update their rooms on their own - but here are a few tips of ways that you can help their rooms to grow up with them.

From Nursery To Toddler's Room

  • Switch Wallpaper - For a nursery, parents tend to pick solid colors, such as "baby blue", yellow or pink, often depending on gender. When your baby grows up a bit, however, some more involved wallpaper can be in order. Check out Go Wallpaper for options that might appeal to young children.

  • Make A Play Station - Not a playstation as in the Sony gaming console, mind you, but a corner of the room designed for play - perhaps with a small crafts table, a rug that can stand to get messy, etc. Give your child a place to play and be creative in his or her room.

  • Upgrade The Bed - Of course, the cot has to go at some point, and when that day comes you may want to look at Dreams UK for suitable replacements. There you'll find beds designed for children, with fun frames and comfortable mattresses.

From Toddler's Room To Teen's Room

  • Make A Call On Electronics - Different parents have different views, but it's best to make a firm decision on whether you'll allow you teenager to have television or a gaming console in his or her room. Establishing a position when your children are still young will make it easier to enforce.

  • Don't Mind The Posters - Teens tend to want to decorate as they please, and it's best to simply let it be, so long as the posters and decorations aren't inappropriate. For example, a few favourite bands for film posters is fine - posters of Miley Cyrus strutting the stage half nude may be pushing the limit!

  • Install A Desk - A real desk is always a nice gift in updating a teen's room. It can help your child to feel impressively adult, and provides a workspace for the more difficult schoolwork that will be soon to come!

Of course, these are all broad general suggestions, but again, it's best to be prepared for these types of adjustments as your children grow up. To the extent appropriate, it's still best to let them tweak their rooms as they see fit. But when it comes to a new bed, or a new desk, etc., you can always step in!

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  1. Lovely post =)
    I LOVE your new blog look! Adorable. x

  2. Interesting, I'm currently working with my teen to update her room. We have got rid of the desk as she never works in her room, preferring the kitchen table. So we used the extra space for a hammock chair! We invested long ago in a few poster size frames so we can ring the changes without the bluetack. Next we are changing the curtains... We've already done a new bed linen and cushion theme.


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