Mama OWL Blog: Autumn Leaf Rolling

Autumn Leaf Rolling

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Let me start by saying that I can take absolutely no credit for this whatsoever, this was entirely H's idea.

I came downstairs one morning to find H & E sitting quietly at the table together playing play-doh. H goes to clay club after school one afternoon every week, and one of the things they had learned was leaf rolling. He had gone out to the back garden and picked some leaves, then brought them in and had shown E how to make her own leaf art.

He went through it step by step with her, and these were the results.
They had set up the table with their wooden boards, shape cutters and tools and were having a great time. I definitely need to either make or buy some more play-doh for them because they spent ages sitting together making things and I'd really like to encourage more of that creativity.

...And the fact that they were sitting almost silently the entire time has nothing to do with it.

Try it yourself, Autumn leaf rolling!


  1. That looks great. I know what we're doing after school!

  2. Bless him helping his little sister and teaching her. I love moments like that. Awww.
    And this is SUCH a fab idea :) xx

  3. My youngest 2 love play doh.....even if RJ won't publicly admit it ;-) x


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