Mama OWL Blog: Christmas Meal Plan 2013

Christmas Meal Plan 2013

Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas is coming ladies & gents, and with only a month to go it means that it's time for my Christmas Meal Plan, detailing all of the delicious goodies we are going to eat to celebrate the festive season. As we like to keep to our traditions, our meal plan for this Christmas is much the same as last year's & the year before with only a couple of minor tweaks to the menu. We will be marking the first day of Advent by 'decking the halls' on December 1st, so we will be decorating our home and setting up the Christmas tree together before we settle down to watch a nice festive family film and enjoy a delicious mug of snowman soup.

I've been storing away goodies to decorate our home-made Gingerbread houses with. I have a fab simple and delicious Gingerbread man recipe that I use every year. On Christmas Eve I set up the dining table with bowls of sweets and icing and we let the kids decorate their house however they want, and then we'll all share it over Christmas and break off bits as and when we fancy.

Now that the meals are planned I can write our grocery list, so as soon as the Christmas delivery slots are available I can order my shopping and have it delivered to my door. This will also mean less food waste, which of course can only be a good thing.

Right, now on with our Christmas 2013 Meal Plan -

Tuesday 24th December {Christmas Eve}
Breakfast - Pancakes & waffles with various toppings (syrups, sauces, chocolate chips, fruit & cream etc)
Lunch - Sandwiches with various fillings, crisps (potato chips) and fruit.
Dinner - Chicken enchiladas, quesadillas & cheesy nachos.
Dessert will be home-made mince pies or waffles & ice cream, and after decorating our Gingerbread houses, before bedtime we will all enjoy Candy Cane Cookies with our snowman soup.

Wednesday 25th December {Christmas Day}
Breakfast - Pain au chocolat, crepes, and croissants with jam.
Lunch - Roast Turkey crown served with sprouts, leek, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, swede, two potato mash, cauliflower and accompanied by pigs in blankets, onion rings, sausage meat & stuffing and cranberry sauce, topped off with thick turkey gravy. Dessert will be New York Cheesecake.
Dinner - Leftovers (meaning, everything we had for lunch, in the form of a sandwich) and probably an abundance of chocolates and treats.

Thursday 26th December {Boxing Day}
Breakfast - Eggs & bacon, with sausages, hash browns, baked beans, fried onions, tomatoes and toast. Possibly a little bubble & squeak too depending on what is leftover from Christmas Day.
Lunch - Sandwiches with various fillings, crisps and fruit.
Dinner - Ploughmans - mashed potatoes, cold meats and salad, and maybe some home-made pasties with Christmas dinner leftovers.

What festive fare will you be enjoying this year?


  1. I booked my Christmas delivery slot last night with Asda :D
    Ahh I'm so looking forward to the Christmas day food....We're having exactly the same as you for breakfast, lunch &

  2. Wow, talk about getting organised, your Xmas menu sounds fab. Mich x

  3. I'm meant to be working mine out at the moment, I'm so not organised this year - I normally start planning it in September!


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