Mama OWL Blog: Making Family Laundry Less of a Chore

Making Family Laundry Less of a Chore

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hotpoint Family Washing Machine
As a family of seven, we generate a fair amount of laundry.

Between the Mister's work clothes, four sets of school uniform including PE kits, five kids worth of general clothing (one of those being a teenage girl...), two adults, household laundry (towels, bedding), swimming kits several times weekly and two - soon to be three - lots of sports kit (plus the occasional whole team kit wash) it sometimes feels like all I do is unload and reload the washing machine.

It's no surprise that my old 6kg washing machine gave up the ghost after numerous repairs, it just wasn't up to the job. The search was on for a machine that could withstand our household workload, and after having a browse I found a Hotpoint washing machine available at Argos online here. It ticked all the boxes, perfect for the busy family, with an 8kg capacity and it even includes an anti-stain cycle which is ideal for my rugby & football playing sons (and husband...).

Hotpoint Ultima WMUD843P
The Hotpoint Ultima WMUD843P also features a child lock, a 30 minute quick wash cycle for those last minute school-trousers-that-missed-the-wash moments at 6.30am, a bed & bath cycle, and a handy delayed start feature that means I can set it to begin whenever I need it to - so if I have to go out, I can leave the dishwasher on and also set the washing machine to start when the dishes have finished, meaning a more efficient use of my time. When I get home, the dishes and the laundry are done and I can go about my business without any waiting around.

I have been putting the washing machine through its paces and I am delighted. It is quiet, efficient and the results have been better than I could have hoped for. The bed & bath cycle is perfect for freshening up a duvet, and makes light work of the bath towels.
The anti-stain wash did the trick for the U13s football team kit that the Mister brought home (without any intention of washing it himself... he's a giver) and they have come out mud-free & practically gleaming.

The interactive digital display makes it simple to set up meaning even the big kids will be able to put their own washing on without too much trouble, I can create my own wash cycle meaning that they can do it with the simple push of a button and hopefully no "Muuuummmm... Which one do I need to put it on?".

Though to be honest, I'm not holding my breath for that last bit.

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