Tuesday, 5 November 2013

{Autumn Bucket List} Carve a Pumpkin (or five)

Let me start by saying - carving pumpkins is bloody hard work! The kids start out well but I always end up being the one to scrape out the majority of the flesh & seeds which results in severe arm ache.

We do enjoy our pumpkin carving though. Every year the kids look at pictures online & choose a design that they want on their pumpkin and I then draw them on (an artist I am not) before the Mister & I carve them out. The kids also help by prodding holes around the design to aid the process!
This year L chose Mr Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas, E asked for a spider and H decided on a spooky face. Earlier in the week E attended her friend's Halloween party and we carved a Jack O'Lantern and H designed his own Frankenstein face.

Last year the kids chose King Boo from Mario Kart, an owl (naturally), a ghost and a skeleton face for their pumpkin carving designs. We were short two kids this year as J was out trick or treating with his friends and A was on holiday in the Canary Islands with her Grandmother for the week, as well as having a visit from the Winter lurg it meant that our Halloween was a lot quieter than anticipated but it was still a nice evening in the end.

We got dressed up (okay, the kids did), made some toffee apples, answered the door to the few groups of ToTers that we did get, and watched Monster House before bedtime. All in all, it was a lovely family Halloween at home.


  1. That is some serious carving! Is it really bad for me to admit I didn't bother this year... *slaps self on wrist for being such a lazy mummy* LOL! x

  2. I always swerve the pumpkin carving and rely on others, however this year a pumpkin was been surreptitiously put in my trolley...no real idea what to do with them so this has inspired... think we may have a go at the spider rather than a triangle eyed and nosed face!!!


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