Sunday, 17 November 2013

Revising for GCSEs

Anything you want to know about my teenage daughter you could probably find out just by looking at her desk.

You've got the Kerrang posters of Asking Alexandria, a mug - we'll gloss over the fact that she's left it on her desk instead of putting it in the dishwasher - that previously held her coffee (a habit she's unfortunately picked up from me... the coffee drinking that is, not leaving the cup out), her school tie, earphones, her trademark hat. A folder full of revision notes tucked down the back, photographs of family, and a bucket full of stationery & supplies.

From that - she loves her family, music & coffee, and she is a good student.

And this here is the space in which she revises for her upcoming GCSEs. The desk may look a bit haphazard to the untrained eye, but she knows where everything is and has everything she needs to hand.
Pencils, pens & a wirebound notebook to make revision notes and memos, post-its for bookmarking important pages in her revision guides & soon to stick to her wall behind the desk (we've said she can create a "revision mind map" to help her organise it all) as well as extras like Pritt Stick for coursework projects & white labels to organise her folders. kindly sent us a sample pack of office supplies that are proving invaluable for A's revision & GCSE preparation, and she is all set for next Summer's examinations.
We've given her a quiet space to work and study, and the rest is now up to her, with us supporting her along the way.

Wish her luck!

We received a complimentary sample pack of office supplies for review purposesThe views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words.

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  1. Aw good luck! I'm not looking forward to that era where they have to take control of their time and input. I'm go gin to be such a nag! Nice stationery though :)


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