Thursday, 21 November 2013

Shovelling Snow during a Blizzard

Or, "cleaning when you have young children" as it is also known.

There is always something that needs doing in our house - laundry to be washed/dried/put away (I would actually pay someone to put it away, I despise that job), the dishwasher to be loaded or unloaded, countertops to be wiped, toys to be picked up, hoovering to be done.
Cleaning up behind six people (as well as myself and the dog) feels like a full time job some days, it is never ending. While the kids do help out around the house to earn their pocket money, I do the lion's share of the housework.

And also the lion's share of the nagging, to get the kids to do their chores.

Wilko offered me the opportunity to review some cleaning products from their extensive range - available both in store and online - and I was happy to oblige.

Frankly, anything that can help me keep this place in order is A-OK with me.

I absolutely love anti-bac wipes, it must be said. They're great for grabbing and giving something a quick swizz, they are basically household wet wipes! And all parents know that there is almost no job that wet wipes can't do. The "cheerio germs" wipes have a pleasant lemon smell which isn't at all overpowering, and are handy for a wipe-down of a countertop or even the floor if there's been a spill.

The kids had a great time stealing all of the scouring pads, much to my dismay. As they are a pack of 20, E discovered that they also make great building bricks. I'm still finding them around the house.

I did however put her & H to work as my helpers to really give them a good road testing and I must say, they did a grand job getting the tablecloth super-duper sparkly.

The "heaven scent" vanilla & ylang flower room fragrance is really quite lovely (not too strong), and it has been great for freshening up the downstairs loo & utility room... & the boys' room.

If you have boys, I am sure that you understand.

Wilko offer a good selection of very reasonably priced products for keeping your home at its best, with the room fragrance just 90p & the 20-pack of scourers only £1, keeping the house in order doesn't have to cost the Earth.

In fact, with your savings you might even be able to afford a maid to do it for you! Or just up the kids' pocket money... Remember - it's not called bribery, it's 'positive reinforcement'.

We received complimentary cleaning products for review purposesThe views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words.


  1. I feel your pain. I feel like I am picking clothes up off the floor, sorting washing and doing the dishwasher almost constantly. You have my utmost admiration for doing it for two extra people!

  2. It's like being on a merry-go-round isn't it, round and round we go! Still, I'm sure I'll miss it when they've all flown the nest! (or maybe not...!) x


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