Mama OWL Blog: {Christmas Bucket List} #theGallery : That Festive Feeling

{Christmas Bucket List} #theGallery : That Festive Feeling

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Our festive preparations are in full swing at Chez Owl. The decs are up, the wreath is on the door, the lights are twinkling and the meals are planned. I still have more wrapping than I care to think about to do (and actually a little bit more shopping) but we are sticking to our Christmas Bucket List and are well on our way to being ready for Christmas 2013.

The boys have taken part in their Christmas play at school ('The Birth of The King', set entirely to Elvis songs with the Angel Gabriel dressed up as The King himself - genius!) in which L was behind the scenes and in charge of the lighting and H was a part of the choir, and E performed her nativity play in the role of one of the three Kings, and a very fine King she was (we laugh in the face of gender stereotypes!).

We have been watching Christmas movies, and E has made some lovely decorations that now adorn the Christmas trees in our home. My favourite has to be the beautiful fairy that she made, that is now sitting proudly atop the girls bedroom tree. I think she is beautiful and E is so proud.
This is the first year that she has really understood Christmas and I'm so excited for her, I'm looking forward to making wonderful memories (and I plan on hanging on to this fairy for as long as she lasts!).

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  1. awh love your fairy! Hope she lasts a long time but if not at least you have a photo to remember her. x

  2. that fairy is just gorgeous i remember our tree having one that I made when I was a child. it sounds like you have it all sorted and are ready for Christmas - 2 weeks to go eeeeek x x

  3. OMG, I am DESPERATE to see The Birth of the King!!!!

  4. That fairy is gorgeous. Not long to go x

  5. Sounds like a fantastic nativity. Our school usually does an adaptation of the nativity too, my little man was a shepherd this morning!!!

  6. I love the Fairy, so much better than a boring old shop bought one!

  7. What a gorgeous fairy! I miss the days of homemade bits and bobs on the tree (sort of!). A Christmas Bucket List sounds like a fab idea :)

  8. I love the fairy! I hope she survives the annual dumping in the decoration box in the loft/ garage.

  9. I love the fairy and I really want to see your kids nativity play :)


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