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Things that make you go VROOM!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

In late November we celebrated H's 8th birthday. All year he had been begging for a swimming party (although we all know how I feel about hosting children's birthday parties!), so when the time came I dutifully called up the pool to ask about rates and rules etc.
We found out that there has to be one adult to every two under-8s physically in the pool for the duration of the party, as H is one of the oldest in the year, I figured that this would put parents off and so we encouraged him to think of something else and told him we'd have a pool party next year.

One afternoon H brought home a copy of Primary Times in his schoolbag and spotted an advert for a Go-Kart Party, so he asked if I would find out about them. I emailed and got a prompt reply from Gaynor & Mark who gave me all the relevant information and pricing, and the Mister & I agreed on a Go-Kart party for 12 for early December at a cost of £165 and got it all booked up.

The Go-Kart party offers a full experience with optional extras of medals, party bags and catering and is suitable for kids between the ages of 4 & 10 years. We opted for medals for our guests, and everything else was included (venue hire, invitations, certificates & a trophy for the birthday boy).

Lunch Boxes from Delights UK (food not included!)It was lovely & straightforward to book & pay and we did it all online via BACS and email which meant that all I had to do on the day of the party was get us there, and enjoy the day.
The Mister & I got up and finished packing H's Cars 2 party bags, sent for us to review from Delights UK, with Cars themed favour packs (consisting of Maze Puzzles, Disc Shooters, Siren Whistles and Mini Flags), gummi sweets & cake pops that I had made to save having to cut a cake, and lunch boxes ready to hand out to his guests after the party (as we had opted not to hire a party room).
The lunch boxes are really sturdy and had plenty of space for the potato snack, wrap, cheese, drink, cucumber batons & mini roll that we put in. We then got H, L & E ready & off we went!

Cars 2 themed Party bags and favours
Mark & Gaynor were there setting everything up when we arrived, and all we had to do was hand out name labels for the kids. Everyone then went into the hall and they sat the kids down and explained how it all worked and away they went! The party was action-packed and engaging from start to finish, the kids were all included and there was no waiting around for turns as they were too busy cheering on their friends, leading the countdowns to the end of the races and waving flags.
Mark & Gaynor were fun, patient and simply lovely with the children, speaking to them individually and keeping them involved at every moment.

Everyone was included and made to feel a part of the activities even when they weren't racing, I honestly cannot praise them enough.
The children each received a (high quality, not plastic!) medal & personalised certificate at the end of the party and H received his trophy and completed a victory lap around the track on his own, my boys haven't stopped talking about it since we got home!

Home-made cake popsIt was a wonderful party experience and I had some lovely comments from parents & the kids as they were leaving, everyone said how much fun it was and what a good time they had had. At school H's friends have told him that it was the best party they've ever been to!
The party was a huge success and I wouldn't hesitate to book them again, it's no wonder that they were shortlisted as a regional finalist for the NetMums Best Party Entertainer award. They really made H's day special and I would highly recommend them, it was absolutely worth every single penny.

We received complimentary Cars 2 themed partyware from Delights UK for review purposes. The Go-Kart Party was paid for out of my own pocket in its entirety. The views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words. All links are no-follow.

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  1. Sounds like a fab party! Glad everyone enjoyed it so much. You can't help feeling proud when you hear it's best party ever! Our swimming pool doesn't have anywhere near such prohibitive ratios for its parties!


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