Mama OWL Blog: Had Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Too?

Had Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Too?

Friday, 27 December 2013

Well that's it for another year. The post-Christmas clear up has started... Or not, if you're in my house - we're pretty much still knee-deep in toys and bin bags full of wrapping paper and it looks like a toy store has vomited all over my living room (and up the stairs... across the landing... in the bedrooms... you get the idea - not because there's a lot, but because there are 5 kids).

However, as promised the children were not "spoiled" or overwhelmed and we had a really lovely, quiet Christmas in which we spent time all together at home as a family, and the kids were delighted with their gifts.
I did everything I wanted to do and saw almost everyone I wanted to see - with the exception of 3 people who unfortunately cannot have visitors right now, but I know they know that I love them dearly & that they are always in my thoughts. If you could keep them in yours too, I would be grateful.

Saving for Christmas 2014 started in November (when I finished paying for this one), and I have already made a start on the preparations for next year buying up things in the sales. You can never be too prepared!

No food has been wasted, no gift has gone unloved and while there is no such thing as perfect - this was pretty darn close. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, no matter where you were or who you spent it with.

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