Mama OWL Blog: Storage solutions for children’s bedrooms

Storage solutions for children’s bedrooms

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Decorating any room in the home poses challenges but no more so than children’s bedrooms. Aside from building a practical space that manages to be both fun and safe to use, you also have to consider how you’ll tackle the issue of storage.
Kids are known for coming with a large number of accessories and for those trying to find practical storage solutions, these tips might help.

Hang it on the walls
From shelving units for books to hammocks for cuddly toys, there are plenty of ways to wall-mount storage in your kid’s bedroom. For a unique option, fix square storage frames to the walls and slide plastic boxes or drawers into them for a neat yet attractive storage. Make sure they’re not overfilled or placed at the wrong height to reduce the risk of accidents from falling boxes though.

Make the most of floor space
Kid’s bedrooms need clear access points with uncluttered floors but that doesn’t mean a certain amount of floor space can’t be dedicated to storage. You’ll want your kids to have the biggest play area possible in their bedrooms so invest in under-bed storage boxes that make the most of lost space.
If you don’t like being able to see these boxes as you enter then room then consider other bedroom furniture solutions such as divan or cabin beds. For older children, bunk beds above desks or sofa beds are a stylish yet practical solution that usually comes with a few key storage options.

Opt for mobility
Remember that not all storage units have to be fixed in position. If you’re after a flexible solution then go for something which offers mobility by choosing a storage unit with wheels. These are available in varying sizes to match different bedrooms and can be either plain or decorated depending on your preference.

Separate the bedroom
For those with more space at their disposal, separating the bedroom into distinct areas is a great way to give storage options an extra purpose. By placing storage units projecting out from a wall across the centre of the floor, you can give your child’s bedroom distinct sleeping and playing areas.
Remember not to cut too far across the bedroom when doing this though or you’ll make the room feel cramped and cluttered rather than large and open.

Make storage into a feature wall
Another great option for innovative storage ideas is to transform one wall into a dedicated storage area – making it a feature of the room at the same time. This can be done in numerous ways but the easiest is through the use of a large bookcase or perhaps two or more smaller units placed alongside one another. Fill this with everything from books, DVDs and CDs to games, toys and photos to give your child a functional yet fun bedroom design.

If you’re looking for more inspirational ideas on how to add storage to your child’s bedroom then this fantastic post on Channel 4 – 25 Storage Ideas For Kids’ Rooms – is a great place to start.

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