Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I Wish... #AFWishIWasThere

I'm not a Winter person. At all. I don't *do* cold.

So - to keep the chill of the long cold, frosty British Winter at bay (although to be fair we've given the worst of it a swerve so far this year thanks to the Atlantic... Loving your work there, jet stream), I have been reminiscing about my holiday to Lanzarote in 2012 that I took with my best friend K.

I had an entire week spent just reading, sleeping, swimming, enjoying glorious sunshine and great company. It was exactly what I needed, having a rest and recuperating after my recent illness, and having some time to recharge my batteries. Family holidays aside, it was my absolute favourite holiday and I would love to go back some time in the future. Lanzarote is beautiful and I wouldn't hesitate to holiday there again.

This photo sums up the trip for me, K & I spent almost every evening at this particular bar after a meal out, enjoying stunning sunsets with our mojitos. Great memories of a great holiday.

This is my entry for the Al Fresco Holidays Wish I Was There Photo Competition.


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