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Happy New Year

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What a year it is has been. Starting off in January we welcomed Florence to the family, and I shared some of our teenage trials and tribulations. In February we celebrated J's 12th birthday, and shared my Mum's buyer's remorse and told you all about my holey pants. The Guardian highlighted the issue of unlawful exclusions of disabled children from school and we shared our story with them, and the world, and at the end of the month L finally got rid of his casts after months of pain & discomfort.

March arrived, and I told you all about my wonderful Dad, and my fabulous Mister. We went away for a long weekend in Warmwell, and I pondered the subject of just how much kids should help out around the house. We managed to survive the cold of the Easter holidays, and indulged in some Easter themed baking.

Come April I was having a good old think about how nice it is to spend time together as a family, and ways to save money & prevent waste in our household. I admitted my dislike of kids birthday parties, and I went out on a date with a handsome chap more than half my age and had a wonderful time. Later on in the month we had a bloody good laugh at A's expense when she had to look after a virtual baby for the weekend (still laughing now) and we celebrated E's 3rd birthday with a Dora & Diego birthday cake and a visit to Bristol Zoo.

In May we enjoyed a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend in the sunshine, and a trip to London Zoo before I considered the best way to name a baby.
June arrived and we discovered that the best things in life really are free with some lovely time out feeding the ducks and climbing trees. We also discovered that the Mister is the biggest kid of all when we went on a family day out to Thorpe Park for Father's Day and I rode an emotional rollercoaster of my own after my experience at BritMums Live.

By the time July rolled around, we'd had sports day and I was more than ready for the end of term. The school put on a fab Summer fayre and E had her preschool induction day, and one day after a trip to the dentist we had a random lovely moment where I sat and watched the kids playing in the trees in the sunshine.
We went on a Summer holiday and enjoyed days out at Woodland Family Theme Park and Paignton Zoo, and celebrated A's 15th birthday.

The Summer was in full swing and in August H joined a local rugby club, so I talked about how to keep your little ruggers busy and extra-curricular activities for the kids. We had a wonderful day out at Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour (fantastic, we loved it) and I shared my thoughts on why it is important to eat meals together as a family. We celebrated the Mister's birthday, and went for a wander on a lovely warm evening up at the white horse and the kids ran and laughed and played, and as well as celebrating his 10th birthday L also suffered the loss of his first pet. I talked about how our Summer went and thoughts on the months & new school year ahead.

In September E started preschool and after an iffy first week she has loved it ever since. I told you about my plans for our Autumn Bucket List  including picking our own fruit to bake with, and we went to the year six open evening at the senior school with L. E went to two birthday parties and showed off her pretty party dresses. Oh yea - I might have had a birthday this month too...

Once October arrived the weather started to turn and the heat of the most wonderful Summer we've had for years faded, and I made an effort to attend more sporting matches for the Mister & kids as well as rediscover my love of baking. It was time to visit the senior school again, but for A's sixth form open evening which meant I had to admit that my baby girl is growing up. We carved pumpkins, watched scary movies and had a lovely family Halloween, as well as enjoying some welly walks and hot chocolate and after the loss of the second hamster, we welcomed two more to the family.

In November we celebrated H's 8th birthday with a go-kart party, and we made our Christmas Bucket List. We enjoyed some sport in the sunshine, made toffee apples and E gave herself a mussmash. December came, and we put up our Christmas decs, watched festive family films and then I wished you a Merry Christmas before giving you an idea for what to do with those turkey leftovers. And now here we are. It's the new year, and who knows what is to come. So...

From our home to yours, may 2014 bring you everything you wish for & more

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  1. Fab post. Must have taken you forever to pull together! Lovely to look back and remember just how much you've experienced and enjoyed as a family over the last year.


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