Mama OWL Blog: A Very Merry Un-Birthday

A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Monday, 20 January 2014

I am sitting here in stunned silence having read this article on Parentdish.

Apparently, a parenting trend for 2014 is, wait for it...


I'm sorry but... You what? Who is doing this? Who is behind this utter lunacy?

I have trouble keeping my kids names straight these days (what with having five of them, I'm not *just losing my mental faculties) never mind remembering double the amount of birthdays. Really - ten birthdays a year? And that's just my own kids! I've got 16 nieces and nephews as well - where would the madness end?!

Parents seem to be under increasing pressure to throw the best & most lavish birthday parties and to buy the latest and most expensive presents for birthdays and Christmas for their offspring, I have to wonder what on Earth there is to gain by adding another (completely unnecessary) celebration into the mix. What next? Conception anniversary parties? I don't even want to know who you would invite to such an 'event'. Or what you would give as a gift for that matter... Condoms, maybe?

To prevent you from having to attend another party like that one...

Marking the occasion at home with a family dinner or a little cake or something is one thing. But apparently these parents are throwing actual parties. PARTIES. Excuse me, but if my child was invited to a schoolmate's "half birthday" party I would be raising an eyebrow, and yes - I would be judging. Sounds a bit greedy to me.

Perhaps I'm being a grump but my kids get one birthday, one party (or day out) and one Christmas - and that is all they needIs it a very merry un-birthday to you? And you? And you? Or do you agree with miserable me, surely one birthday is enough?


  1. My thoughts exactly!!! Just, wow. I have enough birthdays in my family, let alone adding half birthdays. Not gonna happen here I'm afraid.
    Great post! x

  2. SOD THAT! Ahem. I barely do anything for my kids' birthdays because they get it all again at their dad's the next day and frankly, that's plenty. Parenting seems to be increasingly a competition.

  3. For flip's sake! This is ridiculous! I haven't read anything about it before. I'm sure it wouldn't happen round our way, but I wouldn't be coughing up any presents for a kid's half birthday, that's for sure. There were vague discussions about my baby niece having one as her birthday is 27th Dec, but my sis is very happy with her birthday than (and her half birthday would be my son's birthday, which would annoy me taking the spotlight off him on his own special day).

  4. Oh wow I have 4, it would cost a fortune ha :) thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop :)


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