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Our Home : The Living Room

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I love decorating my home and a big part of the appeal for me is not just about choosing the wallpaper or paint colours, but the satisfaction I get from finding those perfect accessories that really complement the theme & add those all important finishing touches. If you fancy freshening up the decor without redecorating the whole room, you can change and update the look simply by choosing a neutral background for your paper & paint and changing the colour of the accessories.

My favourite colour is teal, and our living room has been various shades of teal, duck egg blue and brown (with a hint of gold) for about the last 8 years. Our feature wall is papered in a gorgeous teal, brown and gold and I have carefully chosen accessories to really set off the colours in the wallpaper & bring the whole look together.

Accessories - particularly things like ornaments, candles and throw cushions - don't have to cost the Earth, you can shop around and find the best deals for your chosen colour scheme and create your own design.

In our living room, the other three walls are painted a neutral colour and the seating & carpets are brown, so the accessories are predominantly teal in order to make the most impact on the room and really draw the colour from the wallpaper.
I have teal lamps on the side table and chest of drawers, a gorgeous cream owl ornament, a mirrored clock in shades of green & blue, artificial teal flowers and duck egg blue & brown vases around the room.

I browsed a variety of accessories and rugs from Argos in my quest for the perfect finishing touches for my living room, where I found the gorgeous vibrant teal Flora rug which looks beautiful and is now pride of the place in the centre of the room.

With woven backing and a deep, rich pile the Flora rug feels quite luxurious and the colour is really vivid, if a rug can be stunning then that is exactly what it is. It accentuates the accessories in the room and completes the look perfectly. It is, quite simply, perfect.

In Association with Argos.


  1. I love brown and blue together, looks so warm!

  2. I seriously love your front room and that rug is amazing :) x

  3. Love this rug but argos no longer


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