Mama OWL Blog: Adventure. #theGallery

Adventure. #theGallery

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I've jumped in puddles, wandered through woodlands, climbed mountains, sat up all night holding tiny hands, lost sleep, wished for sleep, discovered new ways of looking at things, hunted for dragons, laughed, cried, despaired, worried, wondered, learned. I have felt happy, I have felt sad, frustrated, furious, proud, bewildered, scared, overwhelmed, exhausted, elated, exasperated, exhilarated. I have gotten through whole days purely on adrenaline (and maybe a bit of caffeine) and other days, well, I don't know how I got through them at all. If there is an adventure bigger than parenthood, I would be very surprised indeed - and this is the single most amazing adventure of my life. I can't wait to see where else it takes me.

I have linked this post with #theGallery at The Sticky Fingers Blog.


  1. How true are those words. Parenthood is a wonderful adventure

  2. How very true! There is no bigger adventure than parenthood. And after all these years it still manages to throw up new challenges almost daily.

  3. The best (biggest!) adventure indeed, wonderful take on the theme.

  4. What a lovely post honey, cant wait to read about your next adventures xx

  5. So very true! I definitely don't think there is a bigger adventure or one I'd rather be on! Lovely post.

  6. I couldn't agree more the greatest adventure of them all!

  7. You are so right, the adventure of parenting is probably the biggest one of them all


  8. Definitely a whirlwind of an adventure! x


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