Mama OWL Blog: #ScentsOfAdventure - The Maldives

#ScentsOfAdventure - The Maldives

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What does the mention of 'The Maldives' evoke in your mind's eye?

Sparkling cerulean waters and pure white sands stretching out in front of you, basking in the sunlight and breathing in the scent of the islands. Luxurious, exotic, idyllic. Blissful days followed by clear nights, the skies illuminated only by the soft glow of the stars above and the moon reflected on the tranquil water. Walking along a moonlit beach hand in hand with your loved one, listening to the sound of the warm water gently lapping the shore. Watching the sun set in a blaze of glory over the horizon, and then getting up early just to watch it rise again, gently bringing the day to life and with it the promise of another glorious day in paradise.

The experience of a lifetime, the stuff dreams are made of.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, and imagine. What do you see? What can you hear? What can you smell?

I dream of halcyon days on the beach with my husband, reconnecting as a couple in our sixteenth year together, and finally having the 'grown ups only' honeymoon we didn't have when we were married twelve years ago.

Romantic candlelit meals, strolling hand in hand in the pale moonlight, swimming in azure waters. I can hear the sea murmuring on the sand, feel the sun warming my skin.

I can taste the cocktails...

I can even almost smell the sunlight, the sea spray being whispered through the palms on the beach, carried on the gentle breeze.

And for me, the signature scent of The Maldives should be 'Coconut Rose'.
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The sumptuous aroma of coconuts & roses is the epitome of luxury and indulgence, the tropical paradise of The Maldives blended together in the scent of its national flower, the pink rose ('Finifenmaa') and its national tree, the coconut palm - together they capture the very essence of the islands.

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