Mama OWL Blog: It's All Going Rather Swimmingly!

It's All Going Rather Swimmingly!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Easter Bonnet ParadeMy youngest three have made me beam with pride even more so than usual recently. They really are growing up so quickly & in to really lovely young people.
E took part in her preschool Easter celebrations and had fun making an Easter bonnet for the parade. She chose a pink hat and some fluffy yellow chicks to add as embellishments and on Friday morning, the last day of term, she skipped happily up the road wearing it proudly.

All five of my kids have been to this preschool and have loved it. The ladies that run it are wonderful and have made lasting impressions on my children, they're always really keen to go and visit them whenever they can.
H was delighted that he had a TD Day from school on Friday which meant that he was able to go along and 'help' E in the Easter egg hunt.

It's always a fun morning and E loved hunting for the eggs in the preschool garden, and parading in her Easter bonnet with her friends.
Afterwards we bought some cakes and E had a drink & biscuit, and H won some writing pens in the raffle. The weather held out & E had a great time.
Preschool Easter celebrations
Little miss gymnastAll in all it was a great week for E, as on Thursday she passed her very first gymnastics badge! She absolutely loves going to gymnastics every week and enjoys telling everyone about what she has learned, and demonstrating forward rolls and how to do the splits! She moves really confidently around the equipment and enjoys using the bars. She has learned so much since she started last year, I really hope it is something she will want to continue to do for many years to come.

It's been a good week for swimming too, as H not only was chosen as his teacher's Swimmer of the Month for February for completing stage 5 so quickly, he was also selected to represent his school in the local area school swimming gala which will take place after the Easter holidays! He is very keen to get to the pool as much as possible during the next fortnight to get lots of training in, although after yesterday's shenanigans this fills me with dread.
On our way to swimming
L was a bit miffed that he wasn't chosen for the gala, but has had a successful week himself with his swimming as he earned his first distance badge by swimming 20 lengths of the pool without stopping - that's 500m! Bear in mind, when L first started taking lessons in May 2012 he wouldn't even get his face wet, so this is a massive achievement and he has made amazing progress in his 1:2:1 lessons with his teacher, R. She is a brilliant teacher and I am so proud of what he has achieved with her help.

Keep up the good work, guys!

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  1. Wow, that's some great achievements for all of them. I'm especially impressed by how far L has come in his swimming in such a short time. Swimming is a bone of contention in our family as it has taken so long for my kids to make any progress.
    Sounds like E is doing brilliantly in her gymnastics :)

  2. What a talented bunch of kiddies you have! I love the way Loud n Proud gives us all 'permission' to shout about our kids and not be embarrassed to share the highs. They both must have been so proud of themselves too :)

  3. Thats a really cool Easter bonnet and that preschool sounds amazing. I hope Z feels like about it (eventually, once he's completely settled!) Well done to H and L too on their swimming achievements. I wish I could do 20 laps!!

    Thanks for linking up to Loud n Proud this week :)


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