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The Prom

Thursday, 3 April 2014

It's that time of year. My debit card is cowering in fear and I can hear the groan of my bank balance already. It's time for...


A received her official invitation today, rewarded for her excellent attendance and commitment to her studies, and so now the preparations can begin.

She has already chosen her dress. And it is not just any dress. It is THE dress. This is the only dress she wants, nothing else will do. She has been begging me & her Dad for this dress for months, no exaggeration. Unfortunately - it's only available in the USA... believe me, I have checked everywhere. So now I need to figure out her measurements, order it, and (a) hope that it makes it here in time & in one piece, and (b) hope I measure it properly.

As soon as the dress is here we can then move on to buying the shoes, because of course they need to match the dress. Then - (sighs) - we'll need to look at jewellery, and book appointments for her hair, nails, and make up. She's still busy deciding on the hair style that she wants, but she does know that she wants it styled with my Estiva Italian Swarovski Barrette from Stone Bridge. The Estiva will be perfect, as the prom theme is James Bond and "Diamonds are Forever", and I think it will complement the dress beautifully.

She doesn't want me to share a picture of the dress just yet, but the colours are teal & nude so I am on the lookout for earrings & a bracelet that will really set off and just complete the whole ensemble. The neckline is encrusted with some beautiful jewels already so she won't need a necklace.
Fingers crossed that it doesn't end up costing a complete bomb, and that we can send 'Cinderella' to the ball in style!

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  1. Proms such a huge thing - Get those bank loans out!

  2. So glad K doesn't want to go! :-) x

  3. Prom is my fave memory in high school. #magicmoments

  4. wow i am so dreading but yet excited for my daughters although she has a couple of years left yet!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

  5. I have boys. I live in France where they don't do proms. I feel I may have had a double lucky escape! (Very belated Magic Moments link up)

  6. So glad I have a boy... And 16 odd years to save! 😉


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