Mama OWL Blog: The Swimming Gala

The Swimming Gala

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Being a (very) keen swimmer, H was thrilled to have been picked to represent the school in the local area swimming gala, which took place yesterday. His bag was packed and he was up & raring to go in the morning, telling us he had butterflies because he was so excited about his races.

He was chosen to do Y3 boys front crawl, and to take part in two relays - one freestyle & one backstroke. H is a very competent swimmer and has taken to it like, if you'll pardon the expression, a duck to water. Since starting swimming lessons two years ago he has whizzed through the stages and is now a strong swimmer at stage six, he absolutely loves the water (just like I did at his age!). I think swimming is a hugely important life skill as well as being great fun and good exercise, and I am really pleased that my kids enjoy it as much as they do.

The Mister was able to be there with me to watch H too, which was nice as unfortunately he usually has to miss events because of work, so H was doubly pleased that he had both of us there to cheer him on.
The kids all arrived poolside and the gala began, it was a lovely atmosphere and everyone cheered everyone else on throughout. The ones that came in last still received cheers & shouts of encouragement, and a big, very well deserved round of applause when they reached the finish line.

H pulled off a barnstorming performance, coming a very close (a split second, very exciting) second place in his solo race, and then flying down the pool like a little propeller doing backstroke during the medley and reaching the end first, ready to tag the next person. All of the kids did an absolutely cracking job, they were brilliant sports, and I was on my feet and cheering & clapping for all of them (admittedly loudest for H, naturally). It was a great, well managed event and I know that H really enjoyed the experience, to the point that he is even more keen to join the local competitive swimming club.

As lovely as it is to win, with that aside - it was great to see such good sportsmanship from everyone at the event, whether they won or lost. Sitting behind the kids from our school, I overheard them giving words of encouragement to each other, saying how well they had done and what a great effort, even if they hadn't won their race. It was a really positive, fun morning and I got the impression that everyone really enjoyed it, they should all be as proud of themselves as I was of all of them - especially H.



  1. What a lovely post, no wonder you were so proud! It's great to read that the children were all so supportive of each other too. Thanks for linking to Loud 'n' Proud.

  2. It's so nerve wracking watching your kids doing sports events. I think it's far worse than taking part! They're truly proud moments though, that's for sure.

  3. Brilliant! I agree, swimming is a hugely important and life saving skill. I hate public swimming pools though and have only been once with my three year old so far... Must get him some lessons!

  4. Blimey - that is fantastic and a split second finish must have been so nail biting. I think I would have had to stop myself from screaming (is screaming allowed?) :) Wonderful proud and very memorable moment x

  5. Completely agree that swimming is such an important skill. You should be proud, and it must have been such an amazing thing to watch them all, it sounds like a great event x

  6. It is always my dream for my son to have a least one sport. He is a bit clumsy (got it from both parents) and I feel that sports would make him wee bit sturdier (for lack of better adjective =p)... lobve your post. So inspiring & congrats to your son =) #magicmoments

  7. Aww this reminds me of my own son who swam for Country, Region and managed Nationals where he reached the final at the age of 13. He has since temporarily stopped due to injuries but it's been such an important part of his life. I think swimming is great for everything, confidence, fitness, friends, discipline.. I miss taking my son to competitions. Well done your boy :) x #magicmoments

  8. I love team sports for children, so good if they find one they exel in. Well done your son!

  9. I make my younger kids do swim team every summer and it has improved their skills so much! Something your son can enjoy doing even as an adult! #magicmoments

  10. awww bless him! its such an amazing feeling thanks for sharing and linking up with #MagicMoments x


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