Mama OWL Blog: A #loudnproud post about H

A #loudnproud post about H

Thursday, 22 May 2014

H's first ever season of rugby has come to an end. The festivals and matches are over, the presentation has been and gone, and now we're left to reflect on our experience of it until pre-season starts.

H is a very 'outdoorsy' kid, he is active and busy and always wants to be doing. He can take or leave his computer games, he's equally as happy to sit down with a book or be outside racing around. He loves to swim, play sports, and to immerse himself in activities. He loves to help people, and is eager to please and do well. You can almost see him glow with pride when he is praised, and during his first season of rugby he has really come into his own.

Considering that I guess we are a "football family" in that the Mister and his brothers, and my Dad, and J are all into football, for H to be the one to go off and do something different was a big thing. He's happy to have a kickabout in the garden with J & his Dad but the connection, the love of the game, just clearly wasn't there for H. Being the size that he is, head and shoulders above most kids his age and solid muscle (has been since birth, weighing in at 10lb 1oz), we thought - hey, maybe he's just built for rugby? Let's give it a go!

I contacted the local rugby club... three times... no reply, so I went on to contact the club in the next town (where the Mister is from) - immediate response! I took him along to their Summer training and he threw himself straight in to it. He LOVES it. Not a single time since that day has he asked to miss a session, not even when it was raining. He is up bright & early every Sunday, dressed and ready. On the occasions where we have been unable to take him ourselves (due to the Mister's work or U13s football commitments) H has pleaded with us to find someone else to take him so he doesn't miss it. This has been perfect for him, I really do think that rugby is *his thing*.

He's really looking forward to next season, and learning how to play the game. I'm excited to see the progress he makes and to watch him in action. Over the past couple of years I have come to realise how important it is to encourage the kids to get out there and do things. My father-in-law said how much he & MIL enjoy hearing about their achievements and coming along to their presentation ceremonies and watching the kids take part in their activities, it's nice to know that they are just as proud as the Mister & I are.

I can't wait to share his progress with you as he moves on to U9s and contact rugby, hopefully we'll escape with only minor bumps & bruises, and he will really find his place in the team.

Well done H - we are all very, very proud of you indeed.

H also brought home a glowing school report this month, & the Mister & I attended a very lovely and positive parent/teacher consultation! He's growing up to be a wonderful young man, let's hope it stays that way throughout the tween & teen years still to come...!


  1. Well done him! Sounds like you have every reason to be proud!

  2. Aww this is lovely, so nice to find something that he loves so much, well done to him and look forward to reading more about his progress! xx #loudnproud

  3. Well done to H! That's fantastic for his first season. My eldest broke the mould when he decided to do rugby too as we're a football family like you, but his brother soon followed suit. Now I love their rugby. Good luck to him for the under 9s season and thanks for joining in with Loud 'n' Proud.

  4. Lovely post :-) Sounds like you have every reason to be proud :-)

  5. Well done! Something to be really proud of.

    Popping over from Loud & Proud

  6. Well done H! that is definitely something to be loud and proud about x


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