Mama OWL Blog: 42 Days of Summer

42 Days of Summer

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

We have big plans for Summer. And we also have no plans. The beauty of our Summer will be that we will fly by the seat of our pants. Whatever we want, when we want, wherever and whenever the mood takes us.

We'll be taking a wonderful family holiday, our first one abroad all together, to Paris and the south of France, as well as spending a day checking out the awesome new #BludgersandBroomsticks event at the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour. We're off to Center Parcs for the day along with my brother, SIL & nephew to celebrate L's 11th birthday (ssh, he doesn't know this yet!) and as for the rest of it, well - we'll see where we end up!

If you're looking for ideas for your own #SummerBucketList or just some things to keep you occupied throughout the school holiday, check out my list :

You can't go wrong with a day at the beach. Building sandcastles, wave jumping, eating fish & chips on the sand, and paddling in the sea. I have vivid memories of days like these from my own childhood, lazy beach days are what childhood memories are made of. Even if it rains, you can always shelter in the arcades - just don't forget the 2ps!

We've joined our local library and are taking part in this year's Summer reading challenge - the Mythical Maze. Every Friday we visit the library, exchange our books for new ones & collect our stickers for our maps. We've really neglected our library, it's such a wonderful resource to have (& free!) so we'll definitely be making the most of it this Summer, and beyond.

A visit to the park is always good fun. We are lucky to have several nice parks locally and we like to take a picnic with us and enjoy some running about, swinging up into the sky, and a spot of tree climbing. If you're lucky you might be able to include some duck feeding, too! Britmums & McVitie's BN Biscuits sent us some samples of their cheeky winking biscuits in two delicious flavours - chocolate, and raspberry - to add to our picnic basket and see what we thought. It's safe to say that they'll be a regular addition to our packed lunches now, especially the chocolate flavour!

Our favourite picnic picks are:

- sandwiches/rolls/wraps (cheese, ham, and cucumber are our usual fillings)
- fruit (strawberries, bananas & apples are favourites)
- crudités (chop them up & store/carry in an airtight tub)
- yoghurts (we freeze the tube style ones so they stay cool for longer)
- sausage rolls (L would eat packs of these if we let him!)
- chicken goujons (pre-cooked, obviously!)
- cocktail sausages (again, pre-cooked... I hope this is obvious!)
- biscuits (BN are the new favourite of my kids, I didn't get a look in)
- crisps (a big variety pack - something for everyone)

We aren't too far from beautiful Shearwater, and love a leisurely woodland walk can be great fun and exercise. My kids always hunted for dragons but you could always look for bears, elves or even fairies! Climbing over logs and following the trails is a lovely, free day out if you find a clearing you can sit down and enjoy your picnic surrounded by beautiful scenery and the sounds of nature (and your kids bickering over the biscuits, probably).

Another favourite activity is picking your own fruit, get google on the case and find your nearest farm. I remember doing this as a kid and we had SO much fun. Two of my sisters have taken my nieces and nephews recently and really enjoyed it. Then you can get the kids involved in making their own jam, cakes, or perhaps a delicious Eton Mess!

Rain doesn't have to stop play, if the weather isn't great then you could always go swimming at your local pool to wear the kids out, or head to the cinema and catch a movie, there are always lots of new releases in the Summertime, or often on weekend mornings there are cheap kids film deals.

Have a great Summer!


  1. Sounds like you've got some fab things in mind, I just hope the kids let you have at least one biscuit! :D

  2. sound like a fun packed summer, enjoy x

  3. I like your approach to the Summer and you have some great tips. Have an amazing time in France. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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