Mama OWL Blog: A day in Weymouth

A day in Weymouth

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Weymouth has to be one of my absolute favourite places in the UK. It's always our 'go-to' holiday spot (or even just for an impromptu day on the beach), and we have been there many times on our family getaways. It is absolutely beautiful, and very much the quintessential British seaside town.

The Mister's parents celebrated their Ruby wedding anniversary (that's 40 years, folks - you get less for murder) at the weekend, and as a family we all headed off on the train down to Weymouth for the day to mark the occasion. There were 23 of us in all - myself & the Mr and our five, my M&FIL, & the Mister's two brothers, their other halves, and their children & step-children.

The day didn't start very well with our town getting a real battering from the thunderstorms with some serious torrential rain, we experienced severe flash flooding and so ended up sitting on the train for over an hour waiting for the water to recede. As it happened, there were people collecting for CLIC Sargent on board with a raffle & a Disney-themed treasure hunt, and so the children were happily legging it up and down the carriages searching for the character pictures.

The weather was horrendous, we were left wondering whether or not to abandon our day out when we were told the water had receded and we were finally on our way. The rain continued on & off throughout the journey down to Weymouth, and as we arrived at the station the heavens opened once again. Regardless, we headed to the seafront and made the best of it, and as we reached the promenade the rain eased off.

My M&FIL had booked us all a table at a restaurant/takeaway called Fish 'n' Fritz for lunch, which is located on Market Street, just a stone's throw from the picturesque Weymouth Harbour. Fish 'n' Fritz is the national runner-up in the Fish & Chip Shop of the Year competition, & regional winner for the south west UK which, after sampling their batter from the Mister's plate, comes as no surprise. I was very impressed with their service which was nothing short of outstanding. They set up a table for our party with banners & balloons for my M&FIL, and posted a picture on their facebook page congratulating them on their anniversary which I thought was a lovely touch.

Considering the size of the party, the food and drinks were all ordered and delivered to our tables quickly and efficiently with no mistakes. The children were all served first (as was I, since I ordered a chicken burger and chips!) and the portions were more than generous, the menu even stated that if you wanted more chips you only had to ask and you could have more free of charge. This didn't happen though as we were all quite stuffed! The staff were just simply lovely, and I wouldn't hesitate to go back there or to recommend it to friends. In fact we fully intend to visit again this Summer!

By the time we had finished our lunch, the sun was finally out and it turned out to be a scorcher of an afternoon. We wandered along the harbour to the arcade & fair and my M&FIL handed out £5 each to all of the children to go off and enjoy themselves. They swapped their money for tokens for the rides and 2ps & 10ps for the machines and had a whale of a time collecting tickets and playing games together. E ended up biting off more than she could chew on one ride & cried to get off. The gent operating the ride stopped it no questions asked and let her get off and even gave her her token back to use on another ride which I was pleased about, it was very kind.

When all of the money and tokens had run out, and I managed to drag the Mister out of the arcade, my M&FIL treated all of the children to an ice cream each before we headed back to the railway station to catch the train home. We had a really lovely family day out all together, the kids had great fun playing with their cousins and celebrating with their grandparents, and I really appreciate my M&FIL arranging such a memorable day for all of us. I hope we will enjoy many more of them in years to come.

Congratulations to my M&FIL - D & J - on their ruby wedding anniversary. It's an honour to be their daughter-in-law and I am delighted to have been welcomed so warmly into their family, and to share these moments with them. They are wonderful grandparents to our children, and I have to say they've done a cracking job of raising their son, too. He's all right, is my other half. Congrats on these past forty years, and here's to the next forty.


  1. Looks and sounds like so much fun! E looks so grown up on the rides :) Bless. Lovely photos, Julie. xx

  2. It looks like you had an amazing day. A very happy Anniversary to you in laws, they look very happy.

    Now, lets see if you can guess where I'm off to dinner today???? ;-) xx

  3. Congratulations and happy anniversary to them! We went to Weymouth for the first time the other week and absolutely loved it! Will definitely be going back :)

  4. You look like you had a great day, that fish and chips looked amazing. Glad the weather brightened up for you all x

  5. I'm so glad the weather turned out well and didn't spoil the special celebrations. Lovely photos of family fun and the happy couple celebrating an impressive 40 years together. Thanks for linking up and sharing your family fun with Country Kids.

  6. Aww! Looks like you had a brilliant time! Happy Anniversary to your in laws!

  7. Awesome place. So many things had happened but it seems most fun anyways! That rain didnt damoen the mood! Plus the colors of the place looks amazing! Happy anniv to your in laws too! #countrykids


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