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Being an Active Family

Saturday, 19 July 2014

I am the first to admit that I am not a sporty person. I love walking and swimming, but generally speaking that's about it. If you are regular reader of Mama Owl, you'll know that I do, however, encourage the children to be sporty and active, and to take an interest in their own health and fitness. I want them to get out and about, to learn new things and meet new people, and most importantly, to be active & stay fit.

My younger 3 children all attend weekly swimming lessons, H in particular has been going swimming 3 times a week in recent months. It's lovely watching them progress and grow in confidence as well as skill. Swimming lessons are absolutely time & money well spent, for peace of mind if nothing else.

As well as swimming, they each have something that is theirs, and that they enjoy. I think it's important for them all to have something that is just for them to do, but that they can also share with their siblings on occasion. J plays football on Sunday afternoons for a local team, co-coached by his Dad. The others like to come & watch him play sometimes, and A & H came along to the presentation night recently to celebrate the team's achievements.

H plays rugby on Sunday mornings, and can't wait for pre-season training to begin. It will be full contact from September so we're going to be stocking up on the kit to keep him safe though I do anticipate a trip or two to A&E during his rugby playing career. E has joined us for tournaments and loves to cheer on her big brother when he's on the pitch, she is very proud of him which I think is very sweet.

With L's difficulties and additional needs, we had to find something that he would like but that wouldn't be too overwhelming or taxing for him. He loves swimming now (didn't at first!), and it is the ideal physiotherapy for him with his legs, but we wanted him to have something else to participate in that would help him meet people and improve his social skills, too. He has been doing Tae kwon-do since the end of last year and it really has done him the world of good.

E attends a weekly gymnastics class and she absolutely loves it. She is always very enthusiastic and loves nothing more than flinging herself off of the apparatus and around on the floor. I'm looking forward to watching her progress, I think she'll do really well. A often goes along with her sister to watch her class and to take part at the end when they use the equipment, it has been a lovely bonding time for them.

There are of course those times when we're not dashing off between various clubs, sports and activities, and we're just enjoying each others company at home. They love nothing more than playing together in the garden, be it kicking a ball around or back-flipping, cartwheeling and bouncing on the trampoline until they're called in for bed. We're looking forward to a lovely long Summer spent enjoying in the great outdoors.

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