Mama OWL Blog: Getting ready for Primary School, with Learning Resources UK

Getting ready for Primary School, with Learning Resources UK

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

review post.

As E is starting primary school this September, we have been keen to encourage her learning as well as prepare her for the big changes that are to come. We have been gently introducing her to "everyday maths" by playing games as we walk places, by doing things like spotting numbers on homes, and counting flowers, and also teaching her everyday words by labelling things at home ("the door", "the kitchen" etc) so she can recite them to herself when she sees the words.

Children also respond well to imaginative play, which can help build on vocabulary and communication skills, and as a member of the Learning Resources UK Toy Testing Team, E was given the opportunity to try out the Pretend & Play® School Set to give her primary school prep a boost.

The 149 piece set comprises of a tri-fold classroom (with carry handle), with double-sided map, double-sided calendar, eraser, bell, hand pointer, clock with moveable hands, wipe-clean chalk board and pouch to keep all of the included school supplies in. The supplies included are: 5 pencils with erasers, 5 write & wipe crayons, 10 pages of stickers, 20 each of pupil scoreboards, certificates, playtime passes, pages of note paper, worksheets (maths and spelling) and homework record sheets.

E has enjoyed playing schools with H, he has helped her with the worksheets and has been a willing teacher, though admittedly a not-quite-so-willing student, and E has enjoyed looking at the maps to find where we live (and showing everyone else), and using the certificates to reward herself for anything she has said or done that she was particularly pleased with!

Learning Resources UK also have the brilliant Hot Dots® Let's Learn! Phonics set, which has been a fantastic tool for E to do some independent learning with the self-checking system. The set includes three books - vowels, first words, and letter sounds - and the talking pen offers immediate feedback with a red or green light, and can be set to an audio feedback setting or with fun sound effects - or both!

E loves the Hot Dots, I thought it was especially handy for her to be able to sit at the kitchen table and use them while I was preparing dinner, for one example, so that I could still be involved but she was able to check the answers for herself. I think they are a great learning tool and we plan to use them regularly over the Summer to get her ready for 'big school'.

We received complimentary Learning Resources UK educational toys for the purpose of this review. The views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words. All links are no-follow.

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  1. Nice toys, look great fun as well as educational.

    Rachel Craig


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