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Just Keep Swimming

Thursday, 17 July 2014

When your little one first starts swimming, it can take a while to build up their confidence and safety in the water. The 'preschool' stage of swimming lessons can seem to last a long time, but it is vital to learn those early skills and make a good foundation for building on.

E started her swimming lessons in September last year, and has been going every Monday afternoon ever since. It was a nice routine actually, I would pick up her from preschool just before midday, and then we would go home and have lunch together, before getting her kit ready and walking down to the pool for her lesson at 1.30. At that time of day the pool is nice & quiet, not too many people around and it's peaceful for the little ones to learn. It has taken a while for her to feel confident in the water, and to have faith in her own ability, & in the last month we've seen a huge change in her.

With starting school in September E will be unable to attend the 1.30 class, so after speaking with the swimming academy coordinator, E's swimming instructor feels that E is now ready to move up to stage 1 as of next week. She will be in a later class, with the same swim teacher, & she is absolutely delighted to finally be moving on.

We are so proud of her progress, it's lovely to watch her flourish and see her skills develop and her confidence grow. Being able to swim is an important life skill as well as being great for fun & fitness, and I'm so glad that she enjoys it as much as she does. Well done, E!


  1. Aww this is very lovely, how great to see all her hard work is paying off and she is doing so well. I love swimming, like you say, it is such a fab activity and I really look forward to when Monkey is old enough to start learning properly, which I guess may not be too far away now!! xx #loudnproud

  2. Well done to E! My daughter has overcome a water phobia and now loves to swim too. Love your pictures x

  3. Well done E. Such an important life skill to have and having mastered it at such a young age is a brilliant achievement.

  4. Well done E! No wonder you're proud. I'm so pleased my kids can swim. As you say, it's an important skill for life and safety, but also for fun and fitness.
    Thank you very much for linking up with Loud 'n' Proud.

  5. Well done E! Great achievement! X


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