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Most Improved Teenager

Thursday, 10 July 2014

On Friday last week the Mister and I attended the football club's annual presentation night for both J's team, and the Mister's senior team. While he has now hung up his goalie gloves and is retiring from playing (which hopefully will mean less time on crutches, but anyone who knows my husband knows he'll find a way to injure himself), the Mister will now be taking on the role of assistant manager of the senior team, which he is looking forward to. It also means that somebody else might win supporter's player of the year.

J's U13s sat themselves at the front of the hall and waited patiently throughout the rather long presentation and the Mister, acting alone as the other coach/manager had work commitments & was unable to attend, presented them with their awards for participation.

Not big on public speaking, Mister kept it short (it was for the best) and the boys all collected their trophies. They chose well with their individual awards and I was particularly pleased to see a lad named B receive the Clubman trophy - this kid is there at training every week, always does as he's told, and is a real credit to his team, they're lucky to have him. I think that it's important for them all to know and understand that winning is great, but that respect, loyalty, teamwork and commitment are more important. Hopefully then that is something that they will carry through with them to adulthood, & eventually the senior teams.

J didn't receive an individual award this year, & to be honest I didn't get to as many matches as I would have liked to (I aim to rectify that for the U14 season) so I can't comment on his football skills (haha - like I could do that anyway, let's not talk about the offside rule), but J has really grown up this past year & I can see a definite improvement in his attitude and behaviour. He still has his "Kevin & Perry" moments where I wonder what someone has done with my lovely little boy, but I know he's in there & I'm looking forward to the surge of hormones easing off and giving me my son back full time.

He is doing so much better this year. His grades are improving, he has made better friendship choices, and he is making more of an effort with his extra curricular activities again. I am really proud of how he is conducting himself these days, and I hope he keeps it up throughout year nine as he starts his GCSE studies, and beyond. That's my boy.


  1. Well done to the Mister for speaking in front of a big crowd. Not easy when public speaking is not your thing. Kids grow up so quickly, don't they... You blink, and they've become teenagers. Mel #Loud&Proud

  2. That's a really positive post! My son is also in year 8, but has only just turned 13 and seems to only just be entering the 'Kevin and Perry' phase (he definitely looks younger than your son). So I'm looking forward to the hormones easing off and getting a lovely boy back like you!

  3. I think we forget how hard growing up is and it takes time to work out the good choices xx

  4. It's great when players who don't necessarily 'shine' on the pitch, but are dedicated and loyal, receive the prizes - good choice :) Shame about your son not getting one but fab to hear about him growing up and starting to make good choices - well done that boy!Thanks for linking up to #loudnproud :)

  5. This is a lovely post! He sounds the same age as my daughter. She is also still giving me some of the kevin and perry attitude but it has settled a lot recently and I can see that lovely young lady coming through. I think he sounds like a lovely boy x

  6. I love that even though your son didn't get an individual award you recognised how another child deserved the award he received {does that make sense?}


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